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There is a fair amount of dispute amongst astrologers with regards to the birth chart of the United States. By which day had all of the signatories to the Declaration of Independence signed their names, and at what hour, is hard to determine. Yet by looking at the behavior of this country, and by calculating backwards using events in the history of the USA, the skilled astrologer can construct an accurate chart.

Why should the USA be a Sagittarius-rising country? Consider the traits of the Sagittarius person: Independent, Bold, Positive Attitude, High Aspirations, Charitable, Optimistic, Truthful and Open. A Sagittarian doesn't like being under anyone else's influence. Sagittarius is all about Truth, Justice, and Morality…but always from its own point of view, i.e., Self-Righteous. Sagittarius will challenge others' truth if it doesn't agree, and is Blunt in Speech, i.e., not particularly diplomatic. A Sagittarian is Spiritual, but held back by the Senses. Another trait of Sagittarius is that Friends become Enemies and Enemies become Friends. Sagittarius always wants to win over the other person (country), even to the extent of buying their approval, and is inappropriately generous; yet due to the blunt manner, easily offends its friends. Does this sound like the United States of America?

We can go a little further with verifying the Rising Sign by looking at the Nakshatra (lunar sign) of the first part of Sagittarius. The rising nakshatra is Moola, ruled by Nritti, the Hindu god of Death. Moola is known to cause Suffering to Others, but always with the view that it is for their own good.

The chart of the USA has many planets in Gemini, a sign that can be saying one thing while thinking something else. These planets are in the 7th house, the house of partnership, and illustrate the wide variety of contradictory relationships with other countries. The grouping of Gemini planets is what also gives this country its own internal multiple of points of view, the desire for finding reasons for what it does, often in hindsight.

The Moon in this chart is in Aquarius. The Moon in a country's chart represents the Public, and the Public's Mind. Aquarius is the Revolutionary of the Zodiac, wanting to Change Humanity for the Better. Aquarius takes up the side of the downtrodden. But Aquarius also has a selfish, even sinful, materialistic side to it, which easily turns this sign, and the people of this country, into hypocrites.

One outstanding event that for me verifies this chart as being the correct birth chart of the United States is the so-called 9-11 catastrophe. In astrology it is known that an eclipse, and especially a total solar eclipse, sensitizes the degree of the Zodiac in which it occurs for future developments. On June 21, 2001, there was a total Solar Eclipse at 7 degrees Gemini, which was visible from the Eastern seaboard of the USA. Less than 3 months later, Mars was transiting exactly opposite the former eclipse, at 7 degrees Sagittarius, and as the Moon moved into position opposite to Mars, the events of September 11 transpired. For the United States, and the world, this proved to be a momentous occurrence that changed the course of history. It makes sense that the eclipse, and the activation caused by Mars, should line up with the rising degree of the Vedic Astrology birth chart of the USA.

Astrology Predictions for
the USA for 2012 - 2013

Just like in our personal lives, the lives of countries have cycles, ups and downs, easy times and hard times. The Ancients studied the Heavens and recorded the patterns that corresponded to events on Earth. Eventually it was realized that the King’s destiny had a lot to do with the fortune of everyone in the kingdom, and the changes in the Heavens began to be applied to an individual’s birth chart. In our current form of democratically elected government we don’t have a hereditary king, so a further refinement was added: determining the birth chart of a country, or of an administration. Although my expertise is more in the area of personal astrology for individuals, I will hazard a few observations on the coming year for the USA.

The major period of Mars, which for the USA began in 2008 and lasts until 2015, is an overall weak and confusing time for the country as indicated by the natal Mars being at 0 degrees Gemini in the nation’s birth chart.. The Mars period “turns on” the karma associated with the Mars-ruled sectors of the USA chart: the 12th and 5th houses. The 12th house of a country’s chart covers such things as Foreigners, Prisons, Hospitals, Hidden Enemies (terrorists, etc.), Expenditure, Mobs (demonstrations). The 5th house signifies the nation’s Entertainment, Sports, Celebrities, Speculation and Investment (markets), Children, Students and Education.

Placed in the 7th house, natal Mars expresses its karma through 7th house actions: Relationships with Partner Countries, Actions in Foreign Lands including War, Enemies, Foreign Trade, Treaties, as well as 7th house affairs within our own borders, namely Marriage Issues.

The USA entered the Saturn Sub-period of its Mars Major Period in March 2011. The karma associated with Saturn’s position in the natal chart is emphasized until May 2012. The natal Saturn in the 10th house in Virgo gives the impulse to control and micro-manage everything. Saturn’s sends its energy 10 signs ahead of itself, affecting the Gemini planets in the 7th house of partner countries. This is what gives the USA problems in its quest to rule over what happens all over the globe. Although Saturn is strong, its sub-period is operating in the context of the rather weak Mars Major Period, indicating that the country’s international efforts are generally unsuccessful during 2011-2012.

The USA begins its Mercury Sub-period in May 2012, continuing until May 2013. Since Mercury owns Gemini and Virgo, and by extention the 7th house of the chart along with the many natal planets therein, as well as the 10th house of Status and Success, this one-year time span promises to be significant for the country. Unfortunately, Mercury is poorly placed in the 8th house of Chronic Problems, Obstacles, and Transformations. Further, natal Mercury is Retrograde and with Rahu (one of the eclipse points) which itself is a signifier of Transformation and Obsession. The 8th house is the house of Financial Arrangements with Others, indicating Major Changes coming in that area. The 8th house also signifies Secrets and Clandestine Activities, as does Rahu. The country will be in a state of Turmoil, and engaged in more Dark, Underhanded Ecapades during 2012 –2013 as it seeks to maintain control both within its borders as well as on the world stage.

Saturn will be transiting in the USA 11th house for 2012 –2013. “The Reality Check Planet” afflicts the house of Hopes and Ambitions, forcing the country to cut back on National Goals. The 11th is the house of Friends and thus stands for the country’s allies. In early 2013, Saturn planet of Structure, will be joined by Rahu agent of Transformation, creating another combination for Changes coming in that year, including our relationships with supposedly Friendly Countries. Some Unusual Alliances will be formed due to the new conditions.

Jupiter will transit Taurus, the USA 6th house,  May 2012 –May 2013. Jupiter is the planet of Prosperity and Increase in the sector of the chart that signifies Problems, Debts, Defense (the Armed Forces), Work, and Enemies. Jupiter will join with Ketu, already here since May 2011, for the last half of 2012. Ketu represents Past Karma, and is a subtractive force on the material plane. Thus the country continues to be embroiled in Military Problems, the Workers Suffer, and the USA Debt Increases due to Past Actions.

The 6th house is Disease and Ketu represents the Unseen World: more Epidemics, Food Contamination, etc. in 2012. Some improvement is possible in this sector once Ketu leaves Taurus in early 2013.

Rahu continues its transit in Scorpio, the USA 12th house, for all of 2012. As one of the eclipse points, Rahu represents Darkness. In the 12th house of Hidden Actions, Hidden Enemies, Foreigners, Mobs, Imprisonment, Loss, and Uncertainty, this transit promises more Scandals, Hoax, Terrorist Acts, Criminal Acts, Unexpected Trouble.

Uranus continues its transit of the USA 4th house. This sector represents both the Lands of the country, as well as The Opposition Party (i.e., the Republicans, currently). The planet of Unexpected Events, Sudden Changes, Rebellion and Disruption continues to plague the country with Severe Weather, Earthquake, Disaster, Disruption of Agriculture and Problems in the Housing Sector. Meanwhile a Rebellious Republican Party engages in opposition for its own sake while simultaneously going through its own inner turmoil.

Neptune is transiting in Aquarius, the USA 3rd house. This part of the chart has to do with Everyday Actions and Survival, Transportation and Commerce, and Public Opinion. The USA natal Moon is posited in this part of the chart. The Moon represents The Public’s Thinking. Neptune is the planet of Dreams, Idealism, Self-delusion and Confusion. The Public tries to maintain Idealism yet is Confused about how to adapt to the new emerging conditions. The 3rd house is also The Media. The Neptune transit assures that the country’s media will continue its habit of Distortion, Deception, and Obfuscation.