Astrology Patterns and Predictions for 2021

Here are some of the significant planetary patterns for 2021:

Saturn will be spending the entire year in sidereal Capricorn. Saturn was in Capricorn for all of 2020, but was heavily afflicted by being conjunct Pluto. The planet of Established Order in a months-long conjunction with the planet of Destruction caused a lot of havoc on many levels. In 2021, Pluto is again in Capricorn, but stays separated from Saturn by a good distance, allowing Saturn to manifest its qualities. A planet in its own sign is strong, both for the planet’s and the sign’s significations. As the planet of Sobriety and Maturity in the sign of Practical Goals and Tangible Results, Saturn in Capricorn should bring a welcome change from the insanity of 2020. But since Saturn is a ‘natural malefic’, its strength suggests there will be some negative outcomes. Saturn is the planet of Time & Delay; Capricorn has a reputation for results that come later, rather than sooner. So progress will be slow. The good news is that whatever does get completed under this Saturnian influence will have another quality of the planet of Time: Longevity. Saturn is the planet of Control, Rules & Regulations. Capricorn is the ‘Manager sign’ of the zodiac. This combination provides a strong energy for accomplishing things by returning to established societal and political structures. 

Jupiter starts the year in Capricorn, where it falls under the influence of Saturn’s energy. Jupiter is considered Debilitated in this sign, i.e., weakened, but that’s because Jupiter’s spiritual signfications have to take a back seat in a sign that is devoted to procuring material rewards rather than transcendent achievement. As the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn has the upper hand; Jupiter’s significations will have to suffer somewhat. On the other hand, the influence of Jupiter, planet of Optimism and Belief, will help to alleviate some of Saturn-in-Capricorn’s deadly practical approach to everything. 

Jupiter proceeds into Aquarius in early April. The planet of Truth & Wisdom feels more at home in an intellectual Air sign. Jupiter’s Faith & Optimism encourages the Aquarian ambition to Reform the Social Order, moving things in a more liberal direction. Even if this combination doesn’t bring the same tangible outcomes of Saturn in Capricorn, it does help bring into focus the necessary changes that have to be made so that another would-be despot doesn’t get his hands on the levers of power. Jupiter will remain in Aquarius until mid-September, when it comes back to Capricorn by retrograde motion. Then in late November, Jupiter will again transit into Aquarius, giving a repeat performance in the sign of Social Reform that will last until April 2022.

Mars starts the year in its own sign Aries. Mars in Aries is a very dynamic combination; it’s the planet of Action in the sign of Initiative. Mars gets an additional boost from Uranus, planet of Freedom and Rebellion, which has been transiting in Aries since 2017. This combination can be very exciting, but it is prone to taking risks, and can even result in Violence. It is strongest during the middle of January, when the Mars-Uranus conjunction is near exact. In your own chart, keep a watch on the house containing the sign Aries. That area of your life will be manifesting rebellious attitudes and surprising events. 

Mars next moves to Taurus, in the 3rd week of February. In this sign Mars encounters Rahu, which has been transiting here since Sept 2020. Rahu is an indicator of Great Desire and the potential for Material Success. Mars is the Action planet. Taurus is an Earth sign focused on acquiring Material Wealth. This could be a good combination for material gain in whatever part of your chart it is transiting. But Rahu also indicates Obsession, and Mars is Force; this pattern can produce excessive Grasping and Greed.  

In the Summer of 2021, Mars will transit in Cancer, where it will be opposite to Saturn in Capricorn. Mars and Saturn are mutual enemies in Vedic Astrology; their opposition produces a lot of Tension and Stress. Mars is debilitated in Cancer, causing Emotions to Get Out of Control. This pattern is something to watch out for during the summer of 2021. The exact opposition will be on July 1. 

In October, Mars will combine with Retrograde Mercury in Virgo. Mars is Mercury’s Enemy in Vedic Astrology; the planet of Rational Thinking doesn’t like the planet of Force & Impatience. The Thinking Planet tends to make mistakes when it is Retrograde; the impatience and forcefulness of Mars just makes things worse, causing a lot of Anger. The exact conjunction will be on October 9. 

Mars is in Scorpio and conjuncts the Dec 4 Total Solar Eclipse degree at the very end of the year. A natural malefic planet interacting with the degree of a prior eclipse is a classic combination for setting off a Dramatic Event. In the case of Mars, there’s the potential for Violence. It could be a natural event like an earthquake, or something that occurs in the world of humans, like a military attack. Either way, something destructive is highly likely as 2021 comes to an end.  

Rahu and Ketu, the Nodes of the Moon, are in Taurus & Scorpio all year. Since Rahu is the Head of the Dragon, it has the Mouth, which signifies Desire & Appetite. Therefore Rahu in a materialist sign like Taurus feels right at home. Thus, one theme of 2021 will be “The Return to Prosperity” as a remedy for the problems of the “Year of Covid”. 

As the connector to the Past Karma, Ketu signifies the non-material world, and therefore represents Spirituality and Enlightenment. Scorpio is the sign of Transformation, of Metamorphosis, and thus well attuned for the spiritual path. Therefore Ketu in Scorpio during 2021 suggests an Opportunity for Spiritual Advancement. Ketu indicates Surrender. In your own chart, find the house where Scorpio resides. That area of your life will require some Sacrifice during 2021.   

Uranus continues its transit in Aries all year. It’s the planet of Freedom & Rebellion in the sign of Initiative & Adventure, a combination that encourages revolutionaries and rebels on all sides. The energy of Uranus becomes more evident when another planet interacts with it by association or aspect. Mars will be together with Uranus during January, and opposite to Uranus during November. Both of these months will be fraught with Conflict: the energy of the planet of Aggression combined with the energy of the planet of Rebellion creates Volatile situations, Unexpected Events, and a potential for Violence. 

Neptune continues its transit in Aquarius all year. It’s the planet of Dreams and Imagination in the sign of the Social Reform, which keeps social idealists of all stripes motivated. The Neptune-in-Aquarius energy gets a boost when Jupiter joins in, starting in early April. Jupiter and Neptune will be at opposite ends of the sign during 2021. Then in early 2022, after Jupiter returns to Aquarius a second time, the two planets will be conjunct, a strong indicator for Changing Society in a more Humanist direction. 

Pluto is hanging out in early Capricorn all through 2021. Pluto was transiting in the first degrees of Capricorn during much of 2020, and was tightly conjunct Jupiter and Saturn. After retrograding back into Sagittarius in the summer of 2020, Pluto returned to Capricorn at the very end of the year. The planet of Complete Destruction and Rebirth was obviously in its destructive phase in 2020 while simultaneously afflicting both the planet of Truth & Prosperity and the planet of Established Order, causing quite a mess. Pluto won’t be in direct contact with Saturn or Jupiter during 2021, suggesting it will now manifest its Rebirth & Regeneration phase. Thus, the overall look for 2021 is that it will be a year of Rebuilding, of Rejuvenation, as well as a time for making changes to the World Order for a better future. It won’t be smooth; there will be problems, but at least there are planetary combinations that foretell Healing and Regeneration, promising some Recovery from the events of 2020.