Astrology Patterns & Predictions for 2022

There are a number of important Astrology patterns forming in 2022. Presented here are several of the most significant, along with suggestions for how to interpret for Predictions.

Extended Conjunction of Venus & Mars

Venus moves along in the zodiac at over 1 deg per day, nearly twice the speed of Mars. Therefore close interactions between the two planets don’t normally last more than several days. But this year while Mars enters Sagittarius in mid-January, Venus is finishing its retrograde period in that sign. After completing its retrograde, it takes Venus several weeks to ‘get back up to speed’, which allows Mars to catch up to Venus. Then something unusual happens: Mars and Venus engage in a prolonged tight conjunction. The interaction begins at the end of January, when Venus is Stationary @ 16 deg Sagittarius, and Mars has reached 9 deg Sagittarius. Mars then ‘catches up’ to Venus, and the two planets become exactly conjunct in mid-February. They remain firmly bound together, less than 1 degree apart, from mid-February until mid-March. Even after that, it takes Venus another couple of weeks before it really starts to pull away from Mars. This extended conjunction begins in the late degrees of Sagittarius, then moves to Capricorn in late February. Venus finally breaks away from Mars when it transits into Aquarius at the end of March.

When the two gender planets interact, we get a lot of Passion, Heat, Excitement, Drama. But Venus is the naturally weaker of the two: the planet of Harmony and Agreement gets overwhelmed by the planet of Aggression and Force. Venus significations are going to suffer for a couple of months. Therefore it will be harder to negotiate, to find common ground, to reach agreement, during the early part of 2022. Or we get ‘Forced Agreement’, i.e., one side has the upper hand. But if what you want is Passion, there will be plenty of that! On another level, Venus is the planet of the Arts; Mars is the planet of Action; together they can be quite a dynamic duo, if placed in a creative position in your chart, such as the 3rd house of Skills & Talents, or the 5th house of Creativity.

Rahu & Ketu Change Signs

The nodes (intersection points of the path of the Sun & path of the Moon) take about 18 months to transit through a sign. They go ‘backwards’ through the zodiac, entering a new sign at the end of that sign. The nodes are always exactly opposite each other; they change signs together. The North Node (Moon ascending in the Heavens) is called Rahu; the South Node (Moon descending in the Heavens) is called Ketu. They are both considered natural Malefics, i.e., having the potential to do harm. Since they are ‘Shadows’ (causing eclipses), they are Mysterious, indicating Unusual Events. Of the two, Rahu is more Materialistic, but also Corrupt; Ketu is more like Antimatter, i.e., signifying Sacrifice. After spending a year and a half in Taurus (Rahu) and Scorpio (Ketu), the nodes will change signs in mid-March: Rahu enters Aries; Ketu enters Libra.

When Rahu or Ketu combine with another planet up in the zodiac, they cause Unexpected Events connected to that planet’s significations (for Everyone). Wherever the nodes are transiting in a personal astrology chart, they tend to create Changes in the area of your life signified by that house in the chart. The potential for significant change increases if that sector of your chart is ‘activated’ in some way, such as being one of the signs ruled by your current major period or sub-period planet. I.e., if you are in a Mars or Venus period (the planets ruling Aries & Libra), you are more likely to experience a Transformation (Rahu) or Loss (Ketu) affecting the house that the corresponding sign occupies in your chart. Likewise, if there’s a natal planet in Aries or Libra, its significations will be affected. Rahu & Ketu will be in these new positions until the end of November 2023.

Jupiter Enters Pisces     

It takes Jupiter approximately a year to transit through a sign in the zodiac. Sometimes, due to going through a retrograde period, Jupiter ‘splits’ its transit into two parts. That’s what happened in 2021: Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius was interrupted for two months when it ‘backed into’ Capricorn. Jupiter finishes its transit in Aquarius in mid-April of this year. On April 13, Jupiter begins a one-year transit in Pisces.

Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces; a planet in its own sign is strong for both the planet’s and the sign’s significations. But, this rule is not to be broadly applied: the qualities of the planet that specifically match up with the sign are the ones that get magnified. Pisces is the sign of Hope & Faith; Jupiter is the planet of Optimism. Pisces is one of the Water signs; water signs are based in the Emotions. Therefore this combination promotes Irrational Expectations. On the other hand, Jupiter in Pisces can be an antidote to all the negativity and pessimism that has been rampant over the last couple of years. Pisces is the sign of Emotional Support; Jupiter is the planet of Truth & Wisdom. This combination creates more emotional Attachment to whatever version of Truth or Religion one is already invested in.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn spends two to three years transiting through a sign. Saturn is transiting in Capricorn from January 2020 to January 2023. Like Jupiter, Saturn sometimes ‘splits’ its sojourn into two parts when it briefly transits into the next sign and then retrogrades back. That’s what will happen in early summer this year: Saturn will leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius at the very end of April, and then return to Capricorn in the 2nd week of July. In Vedic Astrology, Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius. Therefore Saturn is strong in either sign, but different aspects of Saturn get emphasized in each sign.

Saturn only gets 1 degree into Aquarius, and then begins its retrograde period on June 4th. This means that Saturn is essentially Stationary while it occupies Aquarius. Stationary planets are extra strong. Aquarius is the sign of the Social Revolutionary; Aquarius wants to Improve Society; Aquarius is Progressive. Saturn is the planet of The Established Order. So this sounds somehow contradictory. But Saturn has another signification: it is the planet of Democracy. Why? Because Saturn is the planet of Work, and democracy is “Government by The Workers.” Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign. Air signs are based in the Mental Sphere. Fixed signs don’t change readily. Aquarius espouses Fixed Ideas & Opinions. Saturn is the planet of Time; Saturn is Stubborn. The result will be a few months of people digging in their heels, ‘sticking to their guns’, especially with respect to their favorite ideologies.

Uranus, Rahu, Mars Conjunction

During the last week of July, and continuing through the first week of August, Uranus, Rahu, and Mars come together at 24 deg Aries. Whenever three planets become conjunct in the zodiac there’s an elevated potential for Something To Happen. This potential is even stronger when the natural qualities of the involved planets are strong for Activity. Uranus and Rahu will be barely moving, and thus maintain a tight conjunction from mid-July until mid-August. Uranus is actually Stationary before it begins a retrograde period on August 24. Uranus is the planet of Sudden Events, of Disruption. Rahu is the agent of Great Desire, and therefore Urgency. The third participant, Mars, the planet of Force & Conflict, is a potent activator whenever it combines with another astrological factor. Mars connects with Uranus & Rahu starting in the third week of July.

It’s hard to predict seven months before this celestial configuration takes place what exactly will happen, but for sure it will be Sudden, Dramatic, and likely Destructive. Check the location of Aries in your personal astrology chart. There’s a strong potential to experience a sudden event in the area of your life related to that house during late July –early August, and even more likely if you have a natal planet located in the late degrees of Aries, or directly opposite in the late degrees of Libra. Generally, it would be better to not schedule something important for those weeks.

Mars Retrograde

Once every other year, Mars goes retrograde for approximately 11 weeks. The general rule in Vedic Astrology is that when a ‘natural malefic’ planet is retrograde, it is more malefic, i.e., more likely to do harm. Mars is the planet of Action; Mars is the energy that Moves Things Forward. Mars is Impatient for Results. Obviously Mars doesn’t like being ‘held back’ in the zodiac. The resulting energy is something like a pressure cooker; the pressure builds up, and then, Boom! On another level, Retrograde Mars means that Action has a more difficult time making progress. Therefore it is generally a Bad Time for beginning something important: the birth chart of the new endeavor will forever have Mars retrograde in it and always be plagued with problems.

Mars begins its retrograde period on October 30, @ 1 deg Gemini. After a couple of weeks, on November 13, Mars ‘backs into’ Taurus, spending the next two months retrograde in the sign of the Bull. We all know what happens when the Bull gets frustrated. The best defense is to have some benign physical activity to engage in every day: Mars likes physical activity; by doing something physical (without risk of course) you can ‘bleed off’ the frustration energy. Note the house position of Taurus in your birth chart: any new endeavor in this area of your life is likely to encounter obstruction and delay, and could even completely backfire during this retrograde. Mars will be retrograde until January 12, 2023.

Lunar Eclipse on Election Day

It’s always fun for an astrologer to try to predict the outcome of an election. With the help of the personal computer and the software written for it, we can find exactly where the planets are at any given moment, and by analyzing the planetary patterns, come up with a prediction for that day. Well, in case you were wondering about the 2022 US Midterm Election: *fair warning*, the planetary patterns for November 8, 2022, look pretty crazy.

In a normal year there are four eclipses: two lunar, two solar. Often the eclipses are ‘partial’, i.e, the Sun, or Moon as the case may be, doesn’t get fully covered by the shadow. In 2022 there will be two partial solar eclipses and two total lunar eclipses. In Astrology, it seems the total eclipse brings more effects; even more so if there are other planets directly involved.

On Tuesday, November 8, there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse, @ 21 deg Aries. As it happens, this lunar eclipse will be just 1 degree from exact conjunction with Retrograde Uranus. Exactly opposite the Eclipse will be Mercury. Since it is the planet of Making Choices, Mercury is the planet of Voting. Uranus is the planet of Freedom & Revolution, and Sudden Unexpected Events. Having Mercury nearly exactly opposite Uranus is already a strong indication of Something Unusual; now throw in a full eclipse, and we know that this won’t be your normal ho-hum day. Oh yes, and transiting Mercury, directly opposite the eclipse, will be in the 11th house of the USA chart. In the chart of a country, the 11th house is the sector that stands for Parliament, or in this case, Congress.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Mars, planet of Action, will be Retrograde, and on that fateful day, exactly conjunct the USA Astrology Chart’s natal Mars. Mars conjunct natal Mars is Highly Energizing, and prone to do something Reckless.

So what’s the Prediction? Change is Coming, along with Lots of Conflict.

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