Planetary Patterns and Astrology Predictions for 2020

There are a number of major planetary patterns occurring in 2020 that need to be kept in mind when making astrological predictions for the coming year. Some of these zodiacal combinations last through the year, others change and morph into something else as the months tick by. Each combination of planets and signs, along with planetary aspects, describes the qualities of the evolving energy patterns that guide the astrologer in making predictions. 

The year starts out with a multi-planet stellium in sidereal Sagittarius, a pattern that began in the last months of 2019. Having a number of planets in one sign creates an imbalance in the zodiac, and simultaneously puts an emphasis on the significations of that sign. Sagittarius is the sign of Belief, of Ideology, of Truth. But since it is a Fire sign, and fire signs of self-centered, the Sagittarian truth is a Personal Truth. This explains the self-righteous Partisanship that has been dominating world events as we transition from 2019 to 2020. 

Jupiter entered Sagittarius in November 2019, and remains until November 2020, except for April, May, and June, when it will edge into early Capricorn, and then back out due to retrograde motion. Jupiter is the planet of Truth and Wisdom, and Justice. Jupiter in Sagittarius emphasizes the ‘personal truth energy’ of that sign, meaning that objective truth is harder to come by for most of 2020. As with all planetary patterns in the zodiac, the energy is available to Everyone. Therefore we can expect that polarizing partisanship, two alternate points of view each supported by their own set of ‘facts,’ will be a theme that continues for most of this year. 

Accompanying Jupiter is Ketu, which entered Sagittarius in March 2019. One of the eclipse points, Ketu in Vedic Astrology is a significator of Past Karma and thus the non-material dimension. Ketu is considered to be a Dissolving factor, an indicator of Change. Since Ketu is an eclipse point, it can Obscure and Distort the energy of any planet it associates with. By being together with Jupiter in Jupiter’s sign, Ketu is altering Jupiter’s significations, which makes finding Objective Truth as well as Impartial Justice, a real struggle. Ketu brings with it the connection to the Past, giving us a clue about where the clashing points of view are originating from, and where to look for resolution. While Ketu is transiting through Sagittarius, the opposite eclipse point, Rahu, the North Node, is transiting through Gemini. Being the counterpart to Ketu, Rahu has more of a connection to The Future, to modern technology, and the potential for Success. Rahu is a significator of Ambition, and Obsession. Gemini is a sign that loves Information, Facts & Data, and Opinions. Thus Rahu in Gemini creates a Fascination with Information. But again, since it is an eclipse point, it can Obscure and Distort. Thus the prevalence of ‘Fake News,’ Misinformation, ‘Alternative Facts,’ and an obsession with controlling the news cycle, will continue in 2020. 

The nodes will change signs in late September: Rahu will move from Gemini to Taurus; Ketu will move from Sagittarius to Scorpio (the nodes go backwards in the zodiac). Taurus is a materialistic Earth sign. Rahu in Taurus will put a big emphasis on Wealth and Prosperity, Economic factors, and a conventional approach to achieving success. Ketu in Scorpio underscores the Scorpionic importance of Feelings: Scorpio is one of the water signs, i.e., based in the Emotions. Ketu in Scorpio brings up powerful emotional attachments, which can overwhelm any sensible reasons for action. On another level, Ketu in Scorpio has the potential for intuitive, even spiritual understanding, which can transcend rational thought.

Another important change in the zodiac is Saturn changing signs. After over two years in Sagittarius, Saturn moves to Capricorn in late January, and stays in that sign for three years, until January 2023. Capricorn is one of Saturn’s signs; a planet in its own sign is strong, both for the planet and the sign’s significations. Saturn is the planet of Structure, physical and non-physical; it’s the planet of Harsh Reality. Capricorn is a no- nonsense Earth sign, concerned with Achieving Practical Results. Capricorn does this through Responsible Management of Work and Resources. Saturn in Capricorn is a sober energy pattern that brings everyone down to Earth. This is a significant change from Saturn in Sagittarius, which manifested as a stubborn Attachment to Ideologies. Now Saturn will be focused on Realistic Goals and Tangible Outcomes, which should help to provide a counterweight to the Jupiter in Sagittarius energy pattern. 

There are a couple of other planetary patterns in 2020 that are worth mentioning: Jupiter will be closely conjunct Pluto for a few months while both planets transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn, and then back again during their simultaneous retrograde periods. This pattern begins at the end of March when Jupiter joins Pluto in the first degree of Capricorn, and continues while both simultaneously re-enter Sagittarius at the end of June. Since the interaction is happening right on the borderline between two signs, with two planets changing direction, it has the potential to be a multi-phase process operating on more than one level. The conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto puts the planet of Prosperity, Belief, and Law together with the planet of Destruction and Generational Change. This indicates a threat to the Financial Sector, a change in Beliefs affecting a lot of people, as well as promising some significant events in the Law and Justice department. 

Another item worth noting is the Mars Retrograde period, which starts on September 9th and continues until November 14th. Mars is retrograde for over two months every two years or so. This is usually a problematic time: the planet of Action and Fast Results doesn’t like being ‘in reverse’ i.e., being held back from making progress in the zodiac. It’s not a good time to begin anything important. Even on-going projects tend to run into Delays and Obstruction. The result is a lot of Frustration. However, Mars retrograde periods are good for Planning, Strategizing, getting things ready to launch, once Mars gets back to normal forward motion. Mars begins its retrograde in the early degrees of Aries in the 2nd week of September, then ‘backs into’ Pisces in early October, finally ends its retrograde in mid-November. 

For your own personal predictions: check to see how these planetary changes in the zodiac interact with patterns in your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart. The houses containing the signs where the action is happening will show which parts of your life will be affected. Conjunctions and oppositions of transiting planets to your natal planets during 2020 will give you the timing of events. The nature of the involved planets and what they represent in your astrology chart help to predict what type of events to expect.