Predictions for Saturn in Capricorn: January 2020 – January 2023

Saturn is an important planet in Vedic Astrology.  It’s the significator of Responsibility, Structure, and Established Order. We depend on Saturn’s energy for our Routine Operations, and thus for Stability, for Security.  Saturn is the planet of Experience, of Time & Maturity. Saturn is the planet of the ‘Solid World.’ On the downside, Saturn is also the ‘Reality Check Planet,’ signifying Harsh Realities, Restrictions, Rules, Obstruction, Pessimism, Decay, and Suffering. So Saturn has a big part to play in our lives.

Saturn moves slowly through the zodiac, taking between 2 and 3 years to transit through a sign. After over two years transiting through sidereal Sagittarius, Saturn entered Capricorn on January 24, 2020. Saturn will be spending the next three years in Capricorn, until January 2023. Since Saturn is such a key planet in Vedic Astrology, its entry into a new sign noticeably shifts the energy pattern in the zodiac… i.e., this is a Big Deal. 

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the ruler of the sign Capricorn. When a planet is in its own sign, it is strong for both the planet’s and the sign’s significations. Capricorn is one of the Earth signs, i.e., based in the Material World. Capricorn likes to see Tangible Results for the Effort. This sign is Responsible and Hard Working. That also makes Capricorn one of the Workaholics of the zodiac. Capricorn likes to set goals and then work to achieve them. I call Capricorn ‘the manager sign’ of the zodiac. Saturn being in Capricorn produces a Sober, Sensible, Practical, and Controlling results-oriented energy pattern that continues for three years. 

Let’s not forget that Saturn is the ‘Reality Check’ planet, in other words, Karma that you Can’t Get Out Of. The Lessons of Saturn Will Be Delivered, like it or not. And with Saturn in its own sign Capricorn, this ‘Lessons Energy’ will be very much happening for the next three years. Saturn in Capricorn wants to identify the goals, organize things, manage the resources, and work towards eventual accomplishment. Along the way, shortcomings and failures of the past will be realized, and overcome.

Saturn always has to be somewhere in the zodiac, therefore influencing some area of your life. For this transit, the part of your life affected is indicated in your astrology chart by the house containing Capricorn. It is important to understand how to cooperate with Saturn’s energy. The first recommendation is to Take the Long View, i.e., be Patient. Affairs connected to this part of your life are going to advance slowly for the next three years. Another technique for coping with Saturn is to Do Your Duty; Saturn is the planet of Work & Rules… so: ‘Working At It’ and Following the Rules, whatever that entails. Saturn as the planet of Obligation means attending to your Responsibilities in this area of your life, which will eventually give you Saturn’s payoff of Lasting Accomplishment. 

When evaluating the effects of this transit on personal charts, one thing to keep in mind is that anything that gets started which pertains to the sector of your chart where Saturn is transiting, will take on the nature of the planet of Time & Longevity, that is, it will Take A Long Time, and Will Have Lasting Effects, for good or for ill. Therefore: give careful consideration to whatever endeavor you initiate that concerns the sector of your chart where this transit is taking place.

Also: be aware of the Aspects that Saturn casts from its transit position. Like all planets, Saturn influences the sign & house directly opposite where it is located. The direct aspect of Saturn is considered fairly Malefic, i.e., Bad for what it directly influences. In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is also considered to send a full-force aspect to the 3rd and 10th houses from itself. So, in total, Saturn’s transit in Capricorn will influence Pisces, Cancer, and Libra, and the corresponding houses in your natal chart.

Another Thing: Saturn is considered to be detrimental for the house that it is in the 8th position From, because Saturn can cause Obstruction, and the 8th house is an Obstruction House. Thus, Saturn’s transit in Capricorn  will create blockages to the part of your life signified by the house that contains Gemini in your natal chart.

During this transit of Saturn in Capricorn, the energy pattern will get a little complicated. This is because for some of the time Jupiter will also be transiting in this sign, and for nearly all of the time, Pluto will be in Capricorn. Jupiter with Saturn puts the planet of Opportunity together with the planet of Responsibility, i.e., any opportunities that manifest in this area of your life will be attended by responsibilities. Jupiter helps Saturn in the ‘rebuilding process’ that begins in late 2020 and during 2021. Jupiter transits in Capricorn from the end of March to the end of June, 2020, and again from November 2020 until early April 2021, and finally from September to November 2021. Pluto adds its Shiva-like effect of Destruction and Rebirth to Saturn’s energy for Structure and Management. This is a bit harder to figure out, but basically, Pluto combined with Jupiter and Saturn indicates that if there is some opportunity, it could entail first destroying or transforming what exists in this sector of your life before you can proceed. Pluto is in Capricorn from late February until late June 2020, retrogrades out, and then returns at the end of December 2021 and stays for 19 years, until January 2040. Saturn leaves Capricorn, and proceeds to Aquarius, in January 2023.