The Nodes Change Signs: Rahu Enters Taurus; Ketu Enters Scorpio

The Nodes of the Moon, Rahu & Ketu in Vedic Astrology, are important factors in natal chart analysis. They form a link between the Past Life Karma and the Soul’s present life Lessons. But the nodes are interpreted somewhat differently in transit analysis: Rahu is an indicator of Success through Transformation; Ketu is an indicator of Sacrifice and Surrender. Evaluating their transit positions in a natal chart gives important clues for making predictions.

As seen from the Earth, the Sun and the rest of the planets appear in one plane, called the Ecliptic. The Moon appears to travel on a path inclined at a 6-degree angle to the rest of the solar system. The nodes are the crossover points of the path of the Sun and the path of the Moon; they are the Eclipse Points. Due to the way that the orbits of the Sun and the Moon interact, the nodes travel backwards through the zodiac, entering a sign from the back end and exiting from the front of the sign. 

The nodes take about 18 months to transit through a sign of the zodiac. Although they are not ‘real’ planets, their effects are strong enough to warrant serious consideration when making predictions. When the nodes change signs it’s a fairly big deal, astrologically. In mid-September 2020, Rahu moves from Gemini to Taurus; Ketu moves from Sagittarius to Scorpio. The new sign placements of the nodes will put special emphasis on the significations of Taurus and Scorpio. Similarly, the houses in your natal chart where those signs are located will be impacted in new ways during the year and a half of the nodal transits. Rahu and Ketu will change signs again in a year and a half, in March 2022.

To understand how the nodes are different, we can look at the story of Rahu from Vedic Mythology. Rahu is one of the demons; he’s this dragon-serpent character who got cut in half by the discus thrown at him by Vishnu when he was stealing some of the Soma, the Nectar of Immortality. Rahu got what he wanted: to become immortal. But he paid a price. Now in two pieces, Rahu signifies the head of the dragon, therefore the mouth, the appetite, and the brain. Ketu is the rest of the body: no brain, just operates by instincts, and wiggles around a lot. 

Thus, where Rahu is transiting, there is Appetite for Action, and the potential for Success, but with a price. Since it has a brain, Rahu’s transit position is more accessible to our conscious awareness, and therefore your conscious participation in the events Rahu causes in that sector of your chart. Where Ketu transits things are ‘mindless’, i.e., chaotic. Since Ketu brings in the mysterious past life karma, it can manifest as Circumstances Beyond Your Control. Ketu’s connection with other lifetimes makes it a significator of the ‘unseen dimension’, i.e., the World of Spirit. Therefore it is potentially Spiritual. As a spiritual significator, Ketu can manifest as Sacrifice or Surrender. Compared to Rahu, the transit of Ketu is considered less favorable for your material circumstances.

Here is a brief description of what sorts of effects to expect for each of the Rising Sign charts while Rahu is in Taurus and Ketu is in Scorpio:

Aries: Rahu in the 2nd house puts focus on Money & Materiality and becoming Self-Reliant. Ketu in the 8th house is not good for Partner’s Wealth or Financial Arrangements, and support from others is unsatisfactory. But Ketu in the 8th helps for Spiritual Studies.

Taurus:  Rahu in the 1st house creates an Obsession with Personal Ambitions and Self-Transformation. Ketu in the 7th house wants an Ideal Partner, and makes existing relationships unsatisfactory; there could even be a separation. 

Gemini:  Rahu is in the 12th house where it brings potential success in Unknown Lands, with Foreigners or The Masses. Rahu in the 12th house stimulates Contemplation and Introspection. Ketu in the 6th house indicates Dissatisfaction with, or Loss of Employment, and Mysterious Diseases. 

Cancer:  Rahu transiting in the 11th house increases Ambition and the potential for success with Friends & Associates. Ketu transiting in the 5th house wants a more Ideal Romance, resulting in dissatisfaction and change in relations with Lover, or with Child, but is good for Spiritual Practice.

Leo: Rahu’s transit in the 10th house puts the focus on Career & Business Success, Status and Reputation. Ketu’s transit in the 4th house indicates Changes to, or abandonment of the Home Front, and Sacrificing Happiness for the sake of professional ambitions.

Virgo: Rahu transiting in the 9th house gives Ambition for Higher Studies or Taking a Journey; there’s the potential for transformation of Beliefs or Philosophies. Ketu’s transit in the 3rd house indicates having to Adapt to Changes in your Surroundings, and potential Loss of a Neighbor or Sibling.

Libra: Rahu’s transit in the 8th house puts a focus on Financial Arrangements and Partner’s Wealth. Rahu here is also good for Research & Investigations. Ketu transiting in the 2nd house indicates Dissatisfaction with Personal Prosperity; Changes in Family Relations.

Scorpio: Rahu transiting in the 7th house puts the focus on your Partner and potential for Transformation of the Partnership. Ketu transiting in the Ascendant indicates some Personal Sacrifice is necessary, and/ or there’s a Change in your Physical Appearance.

Sagittarius: Rahu’s transit in the 6th house puts the focus on Work & Employment, and helps for Solving Problems using Innovation. Ketu transiting in the 12th house is good for Spiritual Pursuits, but may require a Sacrifice for Taking Care of Someone.

Capricorn: Rahu transiting in the 5th house produces a Big Desire for Romance and potential for an Unusual Love Affair. Ketu transiting in the 11th house creates Dissatisfaction with Accomplishments, Changes in your Ambitions, and potential Loss of a Friend or Associate.

Aquarius: Rahu’s transit in the 4th house puts the focus on Home Life, Personal Contentment, Security & Stability. Ketu transiting in the 10th house indicates Dissatisfaction with, or Abandonment of your Career, Business, or Status in the community.

Pisces: Rahu transiting in your 3rd house increases Personal Desires, Innovative Use of Skills & Talents, and transformation of your Relationship with Neighbor or Sibling. Ketu transiting in your 9th house indicates Dissatisfaction with Your Beliefs, changing your Agenda for The Future.

Of course, if you have natal planets in either of the signs that Rahu and Ketu are transiting in, Taurus or Scorpio, your situation becomes more complicated. Basically, Rahu transiting over a natal planet puts a Focus on that planet’s significations; Ketu’s transit causes some loss, or dissolution, affecting the significations of the planet that it transits over. The nodes will be in their new transit positions until March 2022.