Uranus Conjunct Rahu in 2022

All the planets in the zodiac move at their own particular speeds relative
to each other. The ones closer to the Sun progress in their orbits at a faster rate,
the planets further away from the Sun progress more slowly. Additionally, due
to the layout of the solar system, each of the orbiting planets will at times
appear to be going backwards in the zodiac, what is called Retrograde Motion. 
Rahu and Ketu, the Moon’s nodes, have perpetual retrograde motion: they enter
a sign from the end of the sign, and exit from the beginning of the sign. Since
they move ‘backwards’ compared to the rest of the planets, the nodes of the
Moon have a ‘churning’ effect, i.e., they ‘churn up’ the karmas of the signs, and
therefore houses in a natal chart, that they are transiting through.

Due to the variation in speed and direction caused by planets going in
and out of retrograde, sometimes two planets will pace each other, i.e., remain
in a close formation, for a period of weeks or months. When that happens, the
two, or more rarely, three participants form an energy pattern with prolonged
effects. If the two (or three) involved planets are ‘natural malefics’, the World
has to endure a long, challenging time period. 

Uranus is the planet of Freedom, Independence, Rebellion, and Sudden
Events. This planet has an Individualistic, Eccentric energy that Challenges the
Status Quo. Uranus creates Upset, Disruption; Uranus is the enemy of Stability. 
It takes Uranus about 7 years to transit through a sign. Back in 2017, Uranus
entered sidereal Aries. 

Rahu, a.k.a. “The Head of the Dragon”, is the North Node of the Moon,
i.e., one of the eclipse points in the zodiac. Since it is an eclipse point, Rahu can Obscure Things, causing Confusion. In Vedic Mythology Rahu is a Dragon,
one of The Demons, therefore capable of Causing Harm. Rahu is specifically
the ‘Mouth of the Dragon’, therefore Appetite, which translates as Ambition.
Being a Demon, Rahu isn’t constrained by Societal Norms, i.e., there’s an
‘Ends Justifies the Means’-type energy associated with this Astrological
significator: Rahu is Corrupt. The nodes of the Moon, Rahu & Ketu, spend
about a year and a half transiting in a sign, moving on average 2 degrees
‘backwards’ per month.

In mid-March, 2022, the nodes changed signs: Ketu began transiting in
Libra; Rahu, the Moon’s north node, entered into Aries. By that time, Uranus
was @ 18 deg Aries. During the following months, Uranus and Rahu began to
draw closer and closer to each other. By July, they are within 2 degrees of each
other. Then something interesting happens: Uranus becomes ‘stationary’ @ 24
deg Aries before it begins a retrograde period in August. Rahu conjuncts and
then moves past Uranus a few degrees. Then Uranus begins its reverse motion,
and keeps pace with Rahu; the two remain within a few degrees of each other,
moving backwards through the zodiac, all the way to the end of 2022.   

So what do we get when Uranus and Rahu combine? Both Uranus and
Rahu are known for being Unconventional; both are capable of Creating
Transformation. Both can cause Disruption. A living example of Uranus
conjunct Rahu is Donald Trump; he has this conjunction in his 10 th house of
Public Actions. The Uranus-Rahu conjunction this year is an Energy Package
that is going to manifest as Unusual, even Exceptional events. This could go as
far as creating a Crisis; a “Game-Changer.” Since this combination will be active for several months in a sign known for seeking New Experiences, we can
expect a fairly Volatile 2 nd half of 2022.

Just as Uranus and Rahu are hooking up together, a third player comes
into the picture. Saturn began a retrograde period in early June, @ 1 deg
Aquarius. On July 12, Retrograde Saturn ‘backs into’ sidereal Capricorn. As
Saturn slowly works its way through the late degrees of Capricorn, it forms a
Square Aspect pattern with the Retrograde Uranus-Rahu conjunction. Saturn is
within 1 degree of exactly squaring Uranus during September and October, and
simultaneously 4 or 5 degrees from exactly squaring Rahu (and Ketu). This
arrangement starts to become less exact in November, but is still capable of
producing results through to the end of the year. 

  The square aspect is a challenging, discordant aspect. Saturn is the planet
of The Established Order. Since it’s the planet of Disruption, Uranus is the
enemy of the Status Quo. Having two planets who are enemies to each other,
participating in a problematical relationship is Not Good. Now add in the
energy of Demon Rahu, and the fact that this planetary pattern will persist for
months. This arrangement in the zodiac is a sure sign that the Established Order
will be severely challenged by events, July – December.

In your own chart, keep an eye on the house containing the sign Aries.
The significations of this sector of your chart will be (or may already have
been) undergoing some major Challenges and Changes during 2022. The
general theme is Disruption of the Status Quo and the need to Break Free from
previously Stable Structure in this area of your life.