Predictions Based on the August 2017 Solar Eclipse

    Vedic Astrology considers eclipses to be harbingers of Change. An eclipse is a Predictive Signpost, for individuals, for the community, for the nation. This article will analyze the Astrological significations of the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, the first such eclipse in decades that will be visible across much of the continental United States. There’s plenty of information available on the details of the Astronomy of the eclipse; I’m not going to repeat that here.

    In terms of Astrology, the August eclipse occurs in the sign Leo, @ 4 degrees, nearly 5 degrees, of that sign. It is a Rahu eclipse, i.e., caused by the Leo New Moon being only a few degrees away from the North Node, the crossover point of the ascending path of the Moon and the path of the Sun.  For the accompanying chart diagram I have arbitrarily chosen a city that is in the direct path of the eclipse: Lincoln, Nebraska, where the eclipse will be visible right around 1 pm Central Daylight Time.

Predictions Based on the August 2017 Solar Eclipse

    In Ancient times eclipses were regarded as Portentous; an eclipse signified bad things coming in the not-too-distant future. It has been observed that the event, or events, associated with an eclipse does not normally happen on the day of the eclipse, but rather later, during the following weeks and months, when a transiting planet subsequently interacts with the eclipse point by conjunction or opposition to it. The potential for unfavorable events is increased if the transiting planet is a “natural malefic,” i.e., Mars or Saturn. Thus, by tracking the movement of planets in the zodiac, we can predict when something will occur.

    On September 3rd, two weeks after the eclipse, Mars and Retrograde Mercury come together at 4 degrees Leo, exactly conjuncting the eclipse degree. Even without an interaction with an eclipse point, a Mars-retrograde Mercury conjunction is cause for concern. The planet of Rational Thinking, while in “backwards” mode, combining with the planet of Conflict and Combat, is a highly problematic astrological energy pattern prone to Irrational Thinking, Distortion of Information, and Anger due to Misunderstanding, resulting in Bad Decisions. Now add in the conjunction with the eclipse point and it becomes obvious that Something Is Going To Happen.
    Additionally, Uranus, the planet of Unexpected Events, is at 4 degrees Aries, forming an exact trine aspect to the eclipse degree. The trine aspect is an enabling energy pattern. In this case the Enabler is the planet of Change, Rebellion and Disruption.
    So what can we expect from all this? It has been noted that the events associated with an eclipse often occur in the part of the world where the eclipse was observable. In this case, that would be the USA. Taking a look at the Astrology Chart of the USA, we see that 4 deg of Leo falls in the USA chart’s 9th house, the house of Beliefs & Religion, Courts & Laws, Foreign Affairs & Diplomacy, Higher Learning & Universities. Further, the eclipse, as well as the subsequent transit of Mars and retrograde Mercury, is in close opposition with the USA natal Moon, the significator of The Public and the Public’s Thinking.  Therefore it would seem that the Big Event has to do with the Public’s Beliefs, and the Nation’s Laws and Justice System, or it could be Foreign Affairs. Whatever it is, there’s a strong Mars element, i.e., Aggression, Conflict, Hasty Action, even Destruction.
    Another possibility is that, in line with Ancient Beliefs, the eclipse brings a heavy-handed reminder of human mortality from Mother Nature. September is, after all, in the middle of Hurricane Season. Another potential would be an Earthquake: the path of the eclipse takes it right over the Cascadia Subduction Zone along the West Coast of the US, as well as the New Madrid Seismic Zone in the middle of the country.
    In the charts of Individuals, an eclipse signals a strong potential for forthcoming changes that involve the significations of the house where the eclipse occurs, in this case, where the sign Leo is in your personal chart. If you have a natal planet or important point at 4 degrees Leo, or close to it, or opposite in Aquarius, the likelihood of you experiencing an event connected to the meanings of that planet is quite high. For the August eclipse, the subsequent conjunction of Mars and Retrograde Mercury at the eclipse point is further evidence of an unpleasant event in your life.
    By way of example, consider the Vedic Birth Chart of Donald Trump. As it happens, he is Leo Rising, with his natal Ascendant at 6 degrees Leo and his natal Mars at 3 degrees Leo. Thus the total solar eclipse lands within a degree of two important elements in his natal chart. Then, in the early days of September, Mars and Retrograde Mercury come together on his natal Mars and Ascendant Degree, and simultaneously activate the eclipse point. And let’s not forget that Uranus is still in trine aspect to all of this, adding in more energy for disruption and unexpected events.
    Thus, putting these astrological factors together with what we already know about his ongoing problems, it becomes obvious that Something Major is going to go down in Mr. Trump’s world. And since he is the president, it will affect the fortunes of the USA as well. As for the rest of us, your predictive analysis will depend on the layout of your personal chart. In any case, we are all subject to our context, the world in which we live, so the predictions indicated by the August 2017 eclipse should concern us all.

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