Predictions for USA: 2018

This is a Special Report on Predictions for the USA for 2018. By applying the predictive techniques of Vedic Astrology to the USA Birth Chart, we can get an idea of what’s in store for the country for the coming year.

According to Vedic Astrology’s Planetary Period System of Prediction, the USA is now in the 3rd year of a Rahu Major Period, an 18 years-long period that began for the nation in November 2015. The major period planet highlights the part of the natal karma of the astrology chart indicated by that planet; it provides the context within which the other astrological factors will manifest their own energy patterns.

Rahu is one of the eclipse points, i.e., where the apparent paths of the Sun and the Moon cross each other. During an eclipse the Sun, or the Moon, is obscured. Rahu therefore is associated with Darkness, Hiding, Distortion and Confusion. In Vedic Mythology Rahu is a Demon, i.e., something not human, Alien, Unusual, characterized by Great Desire, Urgency, Extremism and Fanaticism, and yet with the potential for Success: demons are hard to defeat. Rahu is a Dragon, a snake. The snake sheds it skin. Therefore Rahu signifies Transformation, Regeneration, Rebirth. Likewise the Rahu major period will display these qualities in some manner.

The current USA Rahu Major period commenced just when the 2016 presidential election process began to move into high gear. Certainly that campaign illustrated many of the qualities of Rahu: it was Unusual, with lots of Obscuring Elements, and with an arguably demonic central character who was Successful; he went on to become the president of the country. There was also, as we now know, a foreign element taking part in the election with the intent of sowing even more confusion. Rahu signifies both Foreigners and Confusion.

In the USA Astrology Chart Rahu is placed in the 8th house. This sector of the chart stands for Death & Longevity, Chronic Problems, and Big Changes. The 8th house signifies Secrets, Secret Knowledge, Clandestine Operations, and the potential for Scandal and Humiliation. In the chart of a Nation, the 8th house indicates Peril to the People, i.e., Disasters. It is also Taxes and Financial Relations with Other Countries. Death or Removal of the National Leader is another signification. Due to the intrinsic qualities of Rahu, it’s 8th house position puts even more emphasis on the potential for 8th house-type events. During the last US Rahu Major Period, President McKinley was assassinated, in 1901, which paved the way for a decidedly transformational president, Theodore Roosevelt.

Accompanying Rahu in the 8th house is natal Mercury, which gets ‘dragged along for the ride’ during the Rahu Major Period. Mercury is the planet of Rational Thinking and Communications, therefore The Media. Rahu causes Distortion to the significations of an associated planet. Thus, Thinking becomes more Extreme; Logic and Reason get Obscured; we get Distortion of the Information which leads to False Media Reports. The last USA Rahu Major Period, from 1896 -1914, was the time of “Yellow Journalism,” when the sensationalist reporting in major USA newspapers actually brought on a war: The Spanish-American War.  As is already apparent, deliberately divisive stories, “Fake News,” and the urgency built into today’s news reports are heading the country in the direction of war this time around as well.

According to the Planetary Period formula, the Jupiter sub-period of the USA’s Rahu Major period begins in the middle of 2018. The Jupiter sub-period turns on the significations of Jupiter, the planet of Expansion, Prosperity, Belief, Optimism, Truth, Justice, Law, and Religion. On the downside, Jupiter indicates Excess, Indulgence, Over-expansion, False Optimism, and Relying too much on Faith. In the USA chart, natal Jupiter is posited in the 7th house, in the sign Gemini. The sign Gemini is the most dual sign of the zodiac, flexible, but simultaneously indecisive. Jupiter in Gemini illustrates the USA’s basic nature of having more than one Religion, more than one set of Beliefs, even more than one set of Laws: one for the common people and another one for the elite.

By way of the signs Jupiter rules, Sagittarius and Pisces, the Jupiter sub-period activates the karma of the USA 1st house and the 4th house. The First house is the significator of Self, i.e., the Identity of the Nation, the Health & Well-being of the People, the country’s General Attitude & Behavior. The 4th house is Lands, The Common People, and anybody opposed to the leadership, i.e. opposition to the President and his party.   Jupiter manifests its significations through it’s 7th house placement. In the chart of a country, the 7th house represents Partner Countries, Overseas Operations, Alliances, and Direct Enemies. Jupiter is the planet of Wisdom; Gemini is Diplomacy. The Jupiter sub-period will introduce more Faith in Diplomacy as a better way to approach global problems. Jupiter sub-period begins July 2018, and lasts until December 2020.

Against the backdrop of the Rahu Major Period and the Jupiter sub-period, now consider the positions of transiting planets in 2018. Saturn is in sidereal Sagittarius for the entire year. Since Sagittarius is the rising sign of the USA Vedic Astrology Chart, this is a big influence. Saturn is the Reality Check planet, the planet of Restriction and Limitation, the planet of Responsibility and Obligation. Saturn is the planet of Time and Delay; it slows things down. Saturn is the planet of Structure, and therefore represents Stability. At its worst, Saturn brings Suffering.

While transiting over the USA Ascendant, Saturn is opposite to, therefore aspecting, the USA Chart’s natal Gemini planets in the 7th house: Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun. The significations of these natal planets will be impacted by Saturn during 2018. The planet of Harsh Realities will affect natal Venus, representing Finances and Agreements, Jupiter planet of Truth and Law, and the Sun, planet of Authority and Reputation. Saturn is the planet of Control. During the last time Saturn transited in the USA Ascendant, 1988 thru 1990, the US was engaged in the Iran-Contra affair, invaded Panama, and began the ramp-up to the 1st Iraq war, all instances of the US trying to control events in other countries.

Saturn’s energy of Harsh Limitation affecting Jupiter the planet of Laws will put the USA system of Courts and Laws to the test. Saturn’s quality of Restriction will restrict the potential of Jupiter to discern the Truth. Saturn will burden Jupiter’s usual Optimism, making the country Doubt Itself. Saturn will call into question Jupiter’s Morality. These significations become stronger when the Jupiter sub-period begins in July. Saturn is the enemy of the Sun; Saturn’s aspect on the USA natal Sun will Limit the country’s Authority, and diminish the Status and Reputation of the USA amongst nations.

Transiting Jupiter is the counterpart of transiting Saturn. Jupiter is the principle of Expansion and Optimism whereas Saturn is Restriction and Suffering. Jupiter entered Libra in September 2017, and remains there until October 2018. Libra is the 11th house of a USA’s chart; the 11th house of a country’s chart signifies the Legislature, i.e., Congress, as well as the nation’s Goals and Aspirations. The planet of Hope and Optimism helps the 11th house of Congress and the nation’s Ambition maintain confidence that something can be accomplished this year. But this Jupiter energy does not give as strong an effect as transiting Saturn does by holding things back from its position in the Ascendant.

In October, Jupiter changes signs, entering sidereal Scorpio, which is the 12th house of the USA Chart. The planet of Truth, Justice & Law will be in the house of Hidden Actions, Foreign Agents, Criminals, and Conspiracy for the remainder of 2018, and most of 2019. Jupiter’s energy is to Expand whatever it influences. Thus, more events in the Cloak & Dagger sector, implying more Foreign Involvement, more Secret Actions, more Investigations. On the other hand, the 12th house also stands for Displaced Persons, and Jupiter is the planet of Generosity, which should help the immigrants in the country.

Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the Moon, i.e., the eclipse points, will spend all of 2018 in Cancer and Capricorn, the signs they transited into in September 2017. Cancer is the 8th house of the USA Chart; Capricorn is the sign of the 2nd. As it happens, these placements are identical to the birth chart’s natal placements, creating what Vedic Astrologers call a “Nodal Return.” This transit pattern initiates another 19 years-long cycle of the nodes transiting around the chart. Therefore these Rahu and Ketu positions indicate the end of a cycle and beginning of another, especially as pertains to the meanings of these two houses.

Transiting Rahu in the 8th house emphasizes natal Rahu’s karma of Transformation, Obsession, and Urgency, while simultaneously combining with 8th house themes, such as the nation’s Taxes and Financial Arrangements with other countries. This transit was in progress at the end of 2017 when major changes were made to the US tax code; the bill was rushed to completion amidst substantial confusion. Another potential coming this year will have effects on what the nation borrows, i.e., Treasury Bonds.

While Rahu transits in the 8th house, Ketu is transiting in the 2nd house, the house of the country’s Currency. The US Dollar dropped a significant amount with respect to other major currencies in 2017. Since Ketu signifies loss on the material plane, that downward trend will continue during 2018. The 2nd house also signifies the nation’s Treasury, along with the banking system and the Central Bank, i.e., The Federal Reserve, which will likely cause disappointment in some respect this year.

There are a couple of other unusual planetary patterns happening in 2018, which will contribute to making this year “different.” The first of these is the Retrograde Period of Mars. Mars normally takes 6 weeks to transit through a sign, but due to having a retrograde period this year, it will remain in Capricorn for much longer, 6 months, from May 2nd until November 5th. The Retrograde phase begins on June 26th and lasts until August 27th. Capricorn is the 2nd house of the USA Chart. The extended Mars transit in the 2nd house of the chart indicates a lot of Action, and potential Conflict, regarding the financial condition of the country, the US dollar and the banks, as well as the purchasing power of the people.

In Vedic Astrology, Retrograde Mars is considered to be a first-rate troublemaker. During the Mars Retrograde phase from the end of June through August, there’s a strong potential for things to go off the rails in the country’s finances. Making matters worse, Ketu is already transiting in this sector, which will magnify the problems of the Mars transit. Making it still worse, there will be a Total Eclipse of the Moon on July 27th, with Mars and Ketu in near exact conjunction. This is a rather evil combination, which will precipitate a crisis of some sort.
Towards the end of the year another notable planetary pattern emerges when Venus enters its retrograde phase, starting October 5th and lasting until November 16th. The planet of Harmony, Agreement, Value, and Relationship will be in Libra, the sign of Balance and Equality, for four months, from September 1st until the end of the year. This puts Venus in its own sign, making Venus especially strong. Libra is the 11th house of the USA chart, the sector that indicates the aspirations of the people, and the legislature, i.e., Congress.

Venus will be retrograde when the 2018 midterm election takes place. One of the significations of Retrograde Venus is “having second thoughts about what one has purchased,” i.e., Buyer’s Remorse …here in the house of Congress, at election time. Sounds like it will be a “Blue Wave” election after all. A turnover of the US Congress to the opposition party is totally in keeping with the transformative nature of the Rahu Major Period, and if he hasn’t removed himself already, the activation of the karma of the 8th house of the chart will manifest as Removal of the Leader in 2019.

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