Predictions for USA for 2017

Rahu Major Period
Applying one of Vedic Astrology’s classic techniques of prediction to the USA chart, we
see that the USA is now one year into a Rahu Major Period, an 18 years long period that
runs from 2015 to 2033. During its major period the significations of Rahu become a
central force influencing how things manifest. The major period provides the context, the
setting, within which the other astrological factors must manifest their energy patterns.

Rahu is one of the eclipse points, the intersection of the apparent paths of the Sun and the
Moon. Therefore in Vedic Astrology Rahu signifies Darkness, Obscuring, Distortion,
Confusion and Ignorance. Rahu has other significations as well: it is an indicator of
Transformation, Innovation, Ambition, Obsession, Urgency, Lessons in Life, and the
Potential for Material Success. In Vedic mythology Rahu is a Demon, and therefore
signifies Extremists and Fanatics, as well as something Alien, i.e., Foreigners. We’re only
one year into this new major period, and already the qualities of Rahu have been apparent
during the 2016 election cycle.

Rahu is placed in the 8th house of the USA natal chart. The themes, actions, and karma
represented by this sector of the chart are activated during the Rahu Major Period. For a
country’s chart, the 8th house signifies the Vitality of the People, Susceptibility to Peril
such as War and Natural Disaster, Death of the Leader, Finances with Other Countries,
Taxes and Debt, Chronic Problems, Secrets, Scandal, and Humiliation. Due to the
intrinsic qualities of Rahu, its position in the 8th house causes the 8th house themes to
become exaggerated, capable of producing more unpleasant events than usual.
In the chart of the USA, Mercury accompanies Rahu in the 8th house. The significations
of Mercury get “dragged along for the ride” during the Rahu major period. The planet of
Rational Thinking suffers due to the obscuring, distorting qualities of Rahu. Besides
which Mercury must contend with both its retrograde condition and its occupation of the
8th house. Thus Logic and Reasoning gets distorted, Facts and Information are
misrepresented. For example, the last time the USA was in a Rahu Major Period was
1896 -1914. This was when the sensationalist stories of “Yellow Journalism” became
dominant in the New York newspapers, now regarded as a major contributing factor to
the Spanish-American War. Only one year into this new Rahu Major Period, Mercury’s
problems have already been demonstrated during the presidential campaign by the
preference of the national media for sensational and scandalous reporting rather than
focusing on rational discussion of the candidates’ proposed policies.

Transiting Planets for the USA chart in 2017
Against the backdrop of the Rahu Major Period, now take a look at how the transit
positions of the planets influence the USA natal chart during 2017.

Saturn is the “Reality Check” planet, the planet of Limitation, Obligation, Mature
Action, Time and Delay. Saturn is the planet of Structure, and therefore Stability and
Security. Starting in late January, and continuing through much of 2017, Saturn is in the
process of moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius, where it will remain until 2020. Due to
Saturn’s retrograde period, the planet will be going back and forth over the borderline
between these two signs during the year. The border between a water sign and a fire sign
has a special term in Vedic Astrology, called Gandant. It’s considered a sort of “no
man’s land,” where planets are especially weakened. This is not a good situation for the
planet of Obligation and Responsibilities, indicating lack of commitment to
responsibilities during 2017. When the planet of Structure is weakened, there is much
Instability and Insecurity.

Note too that directly opposite the first degree of Sagittarius is the USA natal Mars, in the
first degree of Gemini, the 7th house of Partner Countries. In Vedic Astrology, Saturn
and Mars are enemies: Saturn is Restrictive and Controlling; Mars is Action and Force.
Saturn’s transit will be putting a lot of pressure on the USA natal Mars, indicating
Tension, Stress, potential Coercion, and therefore Conflict in International Relations.
Starting in late June, Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio, the USA chart’s 12th
house. As a “natural malefic,” Saturn when retrograde can be quite problematic. The 12th
house is one of the “bad” houses. Thus this transit indicates a particularly dangerous time
period that will activate the worst of the 12th house: the planet of Harsh Reality in the
house of Conspiracies, Mob Psychology, Criminal Activity, Tyranny, Persecution,
Charity, Sacrifice, Prisoners and Foreigners.

Jupiter has been transiting in Virgo since August 2016, which puts it in the 10th house
of the USA chart. The planet of Increase, Opportunity, Confidence, Faith, Law, and
Religion has been influencing the house of The Leadership of the nation, and continues to
do so until September 2017. This position gives the new Trump administration
Confidence and the Opportunity to advance its agenda during the coming year. As the
new president, this optimistic energy transfers to Mr. Trump. The danger of Jupiter in the
10th house is Excess Optimism, which was one of the factors that sealed the fate of the
past leadership, the Democrats, during the recent election.
Jupiter moves to Libra in September, placing it in the 11th house of the USA chart for the
last months of the year. The 11th house of a country’s chart stands for the country’s
deliberative body, i.e., for the USA, the Congress, which then becomes the recipient of
Jupiter’s expansive energy. The 11th house also indicates Friendly Countries and
Agreements. Since Jupiter is the planet of Prosperity, this placement will encourage
“deals” that increase mutual prosperity for the US and some of its allies, as well as
feathering the nests of the elected representatives, in other words, Corruption of

In April, Uranus changes signs, entering Aries, the 5th house of the USA chart. The
planet of Freedom, Rebellion, Disruption, and Sudden Unexpected Events, will lend its
energy to the house of the Upcoming Generation, i.e., kids. The 5th house stands for the
nation’s Students as well as the School System, which will be undergoing some
unexpected changes starting this year. This transit indicates surprising changes in store
for the country’s education department. The students themselves will be Rebellious and
Confrontational, threatening disruption to the status quo. The 5th house stands for
Enjoyments, therefore the Entertainment Sector, everything from cinema, video games,
sports, to recreational drugs. Uranus promises more change, modern innovations, unusual
events, etc. in this area as well. The 5th is the house of Speculation and Investments,
therefore Stock Markets, which under the influence of Uranus become unstable and even
volatile. Uranus will be in Aries until 2024.

Neptune remains in the middle of Aquarius, the USA 3rd house, for all of 2017. The
planet of Dreams and Fantasies, Illusions and Deception, continues to influence this
sector of the chart until 2022. The 3rd house of a country’s chart indicates the
Transportation System and Trade within the country. Perhaps more related to the
meanings of Neptune, the 3rd house also refers to Communications, i.e., The Media,
which under the influence of the planet of Fantasies will continue to promote Wishful
Thinking, Falsehoods and Sensationalism.

The Moon’s Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, are respectively in Leo and Aquarius, the 9th
and 3rd houses of the USA chart, since January 2016. The 9th house in a country’s chart
stands for the Judicial System and the Supreme Court, Religion and Clergy, the Cabinet
of the administration, the Educated Class and Molding of Public Opinion. As an agent of
Obsession and Transformation, Rahu puts its mark on the 9th house of the Courts of the
Nation. There has already been ample evidence of this during the past year, especially the
unusual situation regarding replacing one of the Supreme Court justices. Rahu also
created an Obsession with Morals & Ethics during the election year, an energy pattern
that will continue through most of 2017.

Meanwhile Ketu has been spreading its indications of Disruption and Chaos in the 3rd
house of the country’s Media, Transportation, and Neighboring Countries. Ketu’s energy
made the topic of Illegal Immigration from our southern neighbor a major issue during
the 2016 presidential campaign. Ketu afflicts the USA natal Moon as well. In a country’s
chart the Moon represents The Masses and the Public’s Thinking; Ketu spreads
Dissatisfaction and Dissension.

In September the nodes change signs, with Rahu moving to Cancer, while Ketu moves
to Capricorn (the nodes move backwards in the zodiac). The nodes will therefore come
back to their natal positions in the 8th and 2nd houses, a phenomenon called Nodal Return,
which begins a new cycle of nodal karma. Note that this is happening at the beginning of
the USA’s Rahu Major Period, which has already activated this sector of the chart.
Therefore the significations of Rahu and the 8th house (vide supra) are heavily
emphasized starting in September 2017.

Meanwhile Ketu’s transit through Capricorn will put it in the USA 2nd house from
September 2017 until March 2019, reinforcing the potentials of the natal Ketu. The 2nd
house is directly related to the country’s Finances, including the value of its Currency,
which will be put under a lot of Stress. Since Ketu is generally subtractive on the material
plane, there will likely be a diminution in the value of the dollar, i.e., Inflation.

Sum Up:
Combining the significations of the new Rahu Major Period with the Transit positions for
2017, it’s clear the astrological predictions do not indicate a peaceful year for the USA.
As the first year of the Rahu period, 2016 has already shown us some of the surprises that
can arise from the activation of the USA chart’s 8th house; there’s plenty more yet to
come. The transiting planets in 2017 don’t promise much relief. Saturn entering the USA
Ascendant, from where it will oppose so many natal planets in Gemini, indicates a
stressful time period ahead. The nodes returning to the 8th house and 2nd house will also
engender a great deal of Tension. The only good thing to say is that since the 8th house
also signifies Regeneration and Rejuvenation, there is some hope for the future, i.e., a
Rebirth of the nation’s potential, once the storm blows over.

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