Mercury Retrograde: Sept 9 – Oct 2, 2022

Mercury begins its 3rd Retrograde Period of 2022 on Sept 9. Mercury starts retrograde motion @ 14 deg sidereal Virgo. Mercury is in its own sign Virgo, a favorable placement for Mercury. The planet of Facts & Data is in the sign of Details & Analysis, ‘Going Back To The Past’, which is good for going back over things, Making Corrections, etc.

But, Mercury Retrograde is Directly Opposite Retrograde Jupiter. This is a problematic combination. Normally Jupiter, planet of Optimism & Expansion, encourages Mercury, planet of Making Rational Decisions. But since Jupiter is itself retrograde, its significations are Distorted. The usually Optimistic Jupiter, when Retrograde, manifests Doubt and Anxiety. Therefore this Mercury Retrograde period will be prone to more Misunderstanding than usual.

Venus joins Retrograde Mercury on Sept 24. Venus enters sidereal Virgo in the last week of the month, and immediately becomes conjunct Mercury. Venus significations get damaged by Retrograde Mercury. The planet of Relationship, Harmony, Guidance, Finance, etc. gets influenced by the Poor Communications and Bad Decisions of Retrograde Mercury.

Mercury Retrograde ends on October 2. By the end of its retrograde, Mercury has ‘backed up’ to 0 deg Virgo. During the first half of October, Mercury will slowly return to normal forward motion, and its significations will likewise return to normal.