Four Planets in New Positions in Early April 2021

A New Zodiac Arrangement Forms in Early April.

Mercury is first, leaving Aquarius and entering sidereal Pisces on March 31. Mercury is considered ‘Debilitated’ in Pisces. It’s the planet of Rational Thinking in an Emotional Water Sign. Pisces is the sign of Hope & Faith, and therefore not so conducive to Mercury’s linear reasoning process. But Mercury in Pisces can be good for Intuitive Thinking, i.e., transcending the usual rational approach and coming to understanding via ‘gut feelings.’

Jupiter leaves Capricorn and enters sidereal Aquarius on April 5. Jupiter’s significations of Truth & Wisdom will now manifest from the sign of the Social Humanitarian for the next 6 months. This combination promotes Progressive Thinking, and encourages Liberal Reform.

Venus leaves Pisces and enters sidereal Aries on April 9. The planet of Love and Romance now manifests from the sign of Initiative & Adventure, which could be good for a Romantic Adventure. But Aries has an Independent nature; this combination is not so good for Venus’ significations of Compromise and Agreement.

Mars leaves Taurus and enters sidereal Gemini on April 13. Mars and Gemini are not such a good fit. It’s the planet of Aggression and Combat in the sign of Facts & Information, which results in Weaponizing the Data. Gemini likes Talk & Debate for its own sake; Mars in this sign encourages the downside of Gemini: Argument.

More Details on Planetary Patterns for April 2021 in this month’s Youtube Video: