Transiting Venus in Trouble: July 2021

Venus Entered Sidereal Cancer on June 22.

As Venus progressed into Cancer, it was opposed by Saturn, exact on July 6. The planet of Limitations & Harsh Realities influencing Venus makes it hard to make progress with Venus significations, such as Romance, Compromise, & Agreement.

As Venus further progresses into Cancer, it becomes conjunct Mars. The exact conjunction is on July 13. The two gender planets, combined, produces a lot of Heat, Excitement, Passion, and Drama. This is even more the case due to Cancer being an emotional water sign.

On July 16, Venus transits into Leo. By doing so, Venus gets away from Mars, but only for a few days: Mars follows Venus into Leo on July 20. Once again the two gender planets are together, but this time, instead of the opposition of Saturn, they are being influenced by the opposition of Jupiter. Jupiter’s aspect adds Opportunity, Optimism, and Encouragement to the Mars-Venus combination. Therefore, the latter part of July is more promising than the first part of the month.

At the end of July, Venus transits through the midpoint of the Rahu-Ketu Axis. The nodes of the Moon are naturally in a state of Tension; the midpoint of the nodes (Square to the nodes) is a stressful point in the zodiac. Therefore the days before and after July 29 are therefore also problematic for Venus significations.