Articles about astrology and predicting the future

Vedic Astrology is The Science of Potentials and Probabilities. The birth chart is a ‘flash-photo’ of the Heavens at the time and place of your birth. The skilled astrologer sees the positions of the planets and constellations as forming patterns, which relate to potential events in your life. But it’s not enough to note what is latent in your birth chart. Will these potentials be realized? When is a particular event likely to occur? The magic of Vedic Astrology lies in the mathematical formulas which, when applied to the birth chart data, give us both the element of timing as well as an analysis of the strength of the factors involved. Thus we have not only the potential,but also the probability, that the event will occur. An Astrological Reading by a competent Vedic Astrologer gives you counseling, guidance, and a new perspective to help you transform your life for more success.

The Powerful Predictive Aspect of Vedic Astrology attracts us. Without a system of prediction, the future looks like chaos against which we can only throw the force of our will, or else just surrender to whatever comes our way. With some accurate predictions, we are enabled to live our lives more skillfully. It’s like having A Road Map for your life journey. Is the road coming up going to be bumpy or smooth? Or, when will the present bad conditions end? How can I do better in Relationships? When will I meet my Soul Mate? When will my Finances improve? Will this Business Partnership succeed?A look into the future can provide some useful information.

Acclaimed for its Accuracy, Vedic Astrology was refined over thousands of years of use. Still, it has not, until recently, made inroads into our Western world due to the obscurity of the original language and the mathematically intense nature of the calculations. The advent of the personal computer, the dedication of certain individuals to provide workable programs using the ancient formulas, and the recent availability of English translations from the original Sanskrit texts have together made it possible for astrologers in the West to make use of this incredible system for forecasting the future.

Life is a mix of Fate and Free Will. The key lies in knowing what the mixture is in any particular situation. If something is very strong in a chart, it operates as ‘fated’, i.e., there is not much choice. If a factor is weak, it is only latent, and requires the conscious application of your effort, your free will, to bring it about. Is there a strong Past Life influence in the area of Partnership? Is there enough Positive Karma to ensure fulfilling Relationships? What untried potentials are there for Career Opportunities? Vedic Astrology analyzes the relative strengths of astrological factors. Thus we can see whether a promised event is sure to occur, or whether it operates as something that needs an extra ‘push’.

It’s like reading A Giant Cosmic Clock. When is the Right Time to Act to ensure success? The planets amongst the stars form a multi-hand clock that the skilled astrologer can read to tell when the Window of Opportunity opens up for you, and in what part of life. Living your life skillfully means acting in harmony with the energies represented by the patterns of this planetary clock. Knowing when a potential you are born with will be activated helps you to Plan Your Lifebetter; to cultivate coming opportunities as well as to prepare properly for the potential difficulties. Knowing the What, the How, and the When, you can maximize the success of your own efforts. A Reading of your Birth Chart guides and counsels you with the knowledge with which to Live your Life more Skillfully.