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Preview of 2019: Shiva is Coming Astrology is based on the correlation between what occurs on Earth and planetary patterns in the zodiac. By keeping track of the simultaneous timelines of these two seemingly unconnected sequences of events, the Ancients were able to build up a body of anecdotal data that got codified into Astrology’s “rules of interpretation.” Thanks to the amazing precision of the planets’ movements in the Heavens from one year to the next, the future planetary patterns can be calculated. The astrologer then applies the accumulated knowledge to make predictions of forthcoming events.

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help with my 5th grade math homework But what happens when we get a planetary pattern that is extremely rare, where there is no extensive body of data on which to rely for a prediction? Then the astrologer is reduced to analyzing the nature of the various factors involved, speculating on how the combined factors might manifest, with no real assurance for a definitive forecast.

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thesis statement on why college education is important turn in my essay In 2019 there is such a combination, composed of three major indicators in a tight configuration. It is an arrangement that happens rarely, maybe once every hundred years, and even then not in the same sign. In this case, all three participants, Saturn, Pluto, and Ketu, are considered “malefic,” i.e., capable of causing harm. Since all three are very slow moving, this unusual planetary pattern will be effectual for an extended period of time; several months in fact.

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source url writing paper help Ketu and Pluto are “wild cards” in astrology. Their effects can be hard to determine. Ketu, one of the eclipse points, is the connection to the mysterious past life karma, and the Past in a general sense. Ketu represents the Non-manifest world. Ketu is therefore considered detrimental to the material plane, as well as being hard to pin down for precise outcomes. At its worst, Ketu indicates Chaos. Pluto is one of the “modern” planets (not part of traditional Vedic Astrology), now thought of as relating to large scale, generational events. Pluto is considered to be akin to Shiva, the Hindu god of Destruction. Shiva does not cause destruction for its own sake; rather He represents the principle of Elimination that is necessary to make way for New Growth. This is what gives us the “generational” outcomes ascribed to Pluto. Thus, Pluto becomes an agent of Transformation.

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college essa Saturn is usually the “bad guy” in Vedic Astrology. It is the planet of Limitation, Harsh Reality, Obligation, Delay, Old Age, Suffering, and Decay. But Saturn is also the planet of Structure, the Established Order, therefore Stability and Security. In this three-way combination, Saturn becomes the “good guy,” because the other two are going to destroy or dissolve the existing reality that we all depend on. The indications are that the world will be going through some sort of large-scale transformation. It’s not clear that this will be solely on the geopolitical-societal level; there could be natural causes as well.

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click here viagra doses What sorts of events are likely to manifest and what is the timing? Since it will be continuing for several months, there will be plenty of opportunity for the other faster-moving planets to interact with the 3-planet conjunction, forming four-planet, five-planet combinations, which will provide the timing for various events. Even when there are no other planets involved, there will be the continuously threatening “background energy” of the Saturn-Ketu-Pluto pattern, creating a context against which seemingly unrelated planetary combinations will have to play out. It’s likely there will be a sequence of events, in different parts of the world, affecting different areas of life. Overall, the main theme is going to be Destruction and Transformation.

here The Storm Clouds start to gather in March, at the end of Sagittarius. The three involved factors, Saturn, Ketu, and Pluto, all move extremely slowly. Pluto stays in a sign for about 20 years. During 2019 Pluto is in the last degrees of sidereal Sagittarius. Ketu moves “backwards” in the zodiac, spending 18 months in a sign. Meanwhile Saturn, which entered Sagittarius back in October 2017, is advancing towards the late degrees of that sign during early 2019. At the end of March, Ketu will join the other two when it moves from 0 deg Capricorn to 29 deg Sagittarius. Saturn will begin a 4-1/2 months-long retrograde phase at the end of April. Pluto also begins a retrograde phase in April. Ketu is always retrograde. Natural Malefics when retrograde are even more capable of causing harm.

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buy ldn low dose naltrexone online research paper how to write As the pattern begins to form in March, there will be events developing on the world stage that suggest something big is coming. As the year progresses there will be various climax points, signaled by whatever else is happening in the zodiac during subsequent months. June could be the worst of it when Mars, the planet of Action and Force, transits in Gemini, thus directly opposite and influencing Saturn-Pluto-Ketu.

lima peru pharmacies with cialis why should i do my homework now How does this pattern affect personal charts? Keep a watch on the house of your natal chart that contains the sign Sagittarius. The affairs signified by this house are likely to go through some major changes during 2019. If you have a natal planet in the late degrees of Sagittarius, there’s a high potential for events in your life connected to the astrological significations of that planet.

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