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Venus in Trouble during November 2020

Venus is directly opposite Mars in early November. As the planet of Force & Conflict, Mars gives Venus, planet of Compromise & Agreement, a hard time, making Compromise hard to achieve.

Venus gets away from Mars on November 16, when it moves to Libra. Venus is happy to be in its own sign: it’s the planet of Compromise & Agreement in the sign of Balance & Harmony.

But even in Libra, Venus is in Trouble. As soon as it enters Libra, Venus falls under the influence of Saturn, which forms an inimical Square Aspect from its position in early Capricorn. The planet of Delay and Restriction inhibits Venus, again making Compromise & Agreement hard to achieve.

Venus next encounters the opposition of Uranus, in late November. The planet of Freedom, Rebellion & Disruption, is transiting in the middle of Aries, causing more problems for Venus by its direct aspect as Venus progresses to the middle of Libra. Again, Compromise & Agreement are hard to find.

Finally, on December 10, Venus leaves Libra, enters Scorpio, and gets away from the influence of malefic planets. Scorpio is the sign of Power through Alliances, and provides some hope for Venus to finally achieve Agreement.