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Important Astrology Patterns for 2024

Astrology Preview for 2024 

Here’s an overview of some of the important astrological combinations coming up in the next twelve months.

Saturn in Aquarius for all of 2024

The planet of Structure, Responsibility, Limitation, Time, Work, Discipline, Security, etc. is in the sign of Group Activity, Social Reform, Abstract Thinking, Progressive Ideals, Collective Consciousness. Saturn is the planet of Democracy, because it is the planet of The Workers, and Democracy is ‘government by the workers.’ Saturn in socially conscious Aquarius is excellent for Democratic Progress. Interestingly, countries home to more than half the world’s population — the highest share ever — are set to hold national elections in 2024, including Britain, India and the U.S. In the U.S., the election is being described by some as a ‘Fight to Save Democracy.’

Since Saturn in Aquarius is occupying one of its own signs, Saturn’s significations are strong for this year. Aquarius is an Air Sign, i.e., based in Mental Constructs. Saturn is Stubborn; Saturn doesn’t change readily. The result is that people get stuck in whatever ideology they identify with. Thus the polarization that has been a feature of the political scene will continue through 2024. 

In a personal chart, Saturn’s transit position indicates what area of your life will confront you with Responsibility, and /or where you will deal with Restrictions, or Delay. Saturn often manifests as Circumstances That Control You. The best remedy is to be patient and work with the problem using an orderly, one-step-at-a-time approach. Saturn is the planet of Longevity; whatever is accomplished in this area of your life will last a long time, for good or for ill. 

Jupiter Combines with Uranus

Starting back in April 2017, Uranus began its seven years-long transit through sidereal Aries. In April 2023, Jupiter entered Aries. Jupiter moves much faster than Uranus, taking only about a year to transit through a sign. Aries is one of the Fire signs: Dynamic, Proactive, Seeking Challenges. Jupiter advanced to about 7 degrees from Uranus when it began its once-a-year retrograde period, at the beginning of last September. At the beginning of 2024, Jupiter returns to  forward motion, drawing closer and closer to Uranus as the months tick by. By the end of March, there will be only a few degrees separating the two. The exact conjunction is on April 20, @ 27 deg Aries.

The combination of Jupiter and Uranus puts the planet of Increase,  Optimism, Opportunity, Prosperity, Truth and Wisdom, together with the planet of Freedom, Independence, Rebellion, Sudden Events, Inspiration and Realization. This conjunction can manifest in a number of ways. Jupiter brings Optimism, as well as Opportunities, to the Rebels of the world, increasing the potential for Disruption. Jupiter’s Wisdom contributes to Uranian Realizations to produce more ‘Woke’ consciousness. Jupiter’s energy of Expansion and Prosperity combines with the Sudden Events effect of Uranus, causing Sudden, Unexpected Changes in Economies and the Financial Sector. On another level, Jupiter as the planet of Law and Justice, combined with Uranus the planet of Independence, will produce more renegade rulings from judges. 

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction happens in the late degrees of Aries. Then, on May 1st, Jupiter changes signs, moving into Taurus, followed by Uranus four weeks later. The two planets are once again together, but now in a sign with a big emphasis on the Material World, and therefore more likely to produce events that affect material prosperity. 

In a personal chart, the combination of Jupiter with Uranus makes you want to ‘break free’ of whatever has been restricting you in the sector of your life where Jupiter and Uranus are transiting. This planetary duo can also bring Unexpected Opportunity to the activities represented by the house of your chart containing Aries, or later in the year, Taurus. 

Total Solar Eclipse in April

In an average year there are four eclipses: two Solar, two Lunar. Often, the eclipses are partial, i.e., not so noticeable unless you are really paying attention. But a Total Solar Eclipse is definitely something noticeable; it is the most spectacular of celestial phenomena that we witness on Earth. Unfortunately, a solar eclipse can be seen in only a limited area of the globe. And often an eclipse will be visible where not many humans are present, such as over one of the poles, or in middle of the ocean. However, this eclipse, occurring on April 8, 2024, will be visible to many millions of people across the United States, Mexico, and Northeastern Canada. In the sidereal zodiac, the eclipse will be @ 25 deg Pisces. 

Astrology interprets an Eclipse as a signal that something significant is about to happen in the near future, usually within a few weeks or months. It has been noticed that the associated event often occurs at the time when a planet subsequently transits through the eclipse degree. In the case of the April eclipse, three planets will be interacting with the eclipse degree: Retrograde Mercury will ‘back over’ 25 deg Pisces on April 15th, followed by Venus on April 20th, and then a month after Venus, Mars will be conjunct the eclipse degree on May 25th. We can also include Mercury a second time, on May 4th, after its retrograde period is over. Therefore the April Total Solar Eclipse, as well as being a visual spectacle, has a high potential to be a harbinger of significant events in our world. 

In a personal astrology chart, a powerful eclipse indicates Changes coming to that area of your life represented by the house where the eclipse occurs. This is even more likely to be the case if you have a natal planet, or other chart factor,  close to the eclipse degree, i.e., 25 deg Pisces.  

Mars Retrograde in December

Once every two years or so, Mars goes through a 9 weeks-long retrograde period. In 2024, Retrograde Mars begins on December 6, and lasts until February 23, 2025. Mars is the planet of Force and Aggression; it is one of the ‘natural malefic’ planets, i.e., capable of doing Harm. The rule in Vedic Astrology is that natural malefics are even more malefic when retrograde. The planet of Action doesn’t like being ‘held back’ from normal progress in the zodiac. The result is Frustration. The pressure builds up, and then just one small thing can cause it to explode, making Retrograde Mars periods prone to Dramatic Events. This can manifest in the realm of Mother Nature, as well as in the human world.

Mars is the planet of Energy; it is an essential planet for Initiating a New Project. When Mars is retrograde it means the energy planet isn’t operating normally; it is not a good time for beginning anything of significant importance. Even work that is ongoing will be more likely to run into obstructions and delay. On the other hand, when Mars is retrograde it is a good time for Strategizing; for making preparations, so that you’ll be ready to ‘launch’ when the planet of energy returns to normal operation.  In a personal chart, keep a watch on the sectors occupied by the signs Cancer and Gemini, the two signs where Mars will be retrograde (Cancer from Dec 6 to Jan 20; Gemini after that). Activities in these two areas of your life are more likely to be subjected to Delay and Difficulty during these months.