Types of Readings Offered

Natal Reading:
This is what new clients usually order first. It is in two parts: first part is a thorough analysis of the Birth Chart. The second part is a look at predictions for the current and coming years.
Two and half hour audio recording …… $250

Birth Time Rectification:
Accuracy in Astrology depends on an accurate time of birth. Don’t know your birth time? By answering a series of questions about events in your life, the predictive process can be “worked backwards” and the correct birth time discovered..
examination of 2 hour “window”…… $ 75
examination of entire day of birth…… $175

Update Reading:
A detailed forecast for the next 1-2 years, addressing areas of special concern (for returning clients).
Two hour audio recording …… $200

One Year’s Predictions:
Comprehensive forecast for a 12 months’ period, including a month-by-month calendar section with summary of potentials for each month, effects of transiting planets on your personal chart, important days, lunar cycle, etc.
20 typed pages …… $500

3 Months’ Outlook:
A “mini forecast” that analyzes the coming 3 months in detail..
40 minute audio recording …… $100
or typed out in calendar format …… $150

Question Reading:
Predictions regarding a specific question or area of life.
40 minute audio recording …… $100

Electional Astrology:
Choosing an important date for initiating something, such as getting married, opening a business, or choosing date for surgical operation.
Printed out in calendar format;
examination of one month period …… $100

Compatibility Reading:
Comparison between two charts for the purposes of marriage or business partnership or other relationship. (Natal reading must be done first for a least one party).
One hour audio recording …… $175

Relocation Astrology:
Your birth chart recreated and analyzed to determine which of your potentials get emphasized if you move to a different place.
Analysis for two locations, 40 minute audio recording…… $100

Metaphysical Reading:
In-depth analysis of the natal chart from the Spiritual Perspective, using the symbols and imagery of Vedic Mythology to examine the Soul’s Path in this lifetime-
90 minute audio recording…… $150

Newborn’s Reading:
Birth Reading for a child, analyzing basic nature, soul’s path, and suggestions for a cooperative relationship.
90 minute audio recording…… $150

How to Order a Reading

For Birth Chart Readings I need:

  1. Your Birth date, Birth place, and Birth Time
  2. Your questions: what is of particular concern to you now.
  3. Please include your phone number/ e mail address in case any clarification is necessary.
  4. Readings are sent over the internet as audio files & picture files. OR: readings can be burned to compact discs and mailed.
  5. Your payment: Paypal is the best way to pay for your order, using this email address: paypal Paypal me
  6. The arrival of your payment ‘puts you in the lineup’ of readings that I have to do. If there is some emergency or deadline, please let me know this.
  7. In person readings available at my studio in Los Angeles, by appointment.
    (Note: the fee for in person readings is $50 higher than for mailed-off readings.)

“Readings can be sent over the internet as mp3 audio files, or physically mailed as compact discs.
Likewise, chart diagrams can be sent as png files, or printed and mailed.
Please indicate your preference.”

9 thoughts on “Types of Readings Offered

  1. Teresa Archuleta

    Hi Ron, I have really enjoyed (and learn so much) from listening to your You Tube videos. I am approaching my 65th birthday and thought I would like a reading from you. Since this is my first reading with you I would like a natal reading; then after absorbing the info from it I would like a Metaphysical Reading. I will send a check and birth data to your address for the natal reading.
    Thank you,

  2. MaryAnn Decker

    Hi Ron, love all your work. I’m interested in a 2 hour birth time rectification. What information do you need? Thanks, MaryAnn

  3. Zeus

    Hi Ron

    Good stuff here.
    I wanna order a USD200/- reading but i need a reading between sat and mon , if you can please. my reading request revolves around just one question – job.

    also a suggestion – if possible – add ‘ last updated on date and time’ this assures visitors who wish to make a purchase – that purchase info on site is current .

  4. Dana

    Hi, I only want to know when I will meet the person i’m going to marry. Can I purchase the $100 one question reading for this, even though I’d be a first time client?


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