Mercury Transit Interactions: March 2021

Mercury’s Retrograde Period ended on February 20. The Planet of Communications, Facts, Media, Study, Making Decisions, etc., gradually returned to Normal Forward Motion during the end of February.

Mercury is Conjunct Jupiter during the Beginning of March. Jupiter’s Optimism gets added to Mercury’s Information, creating Hope and Confidence based on Facts & Data. Example: Positive Data regarding Covid Vaccine Effects & Distribution.

Mercury Enters Sidereal Aquarius on March 10. The planet of Ideas & Reasons will be in the sign of the Social Revolutionary for the rest of the month. This combination promotes Social Idealism, i.e., Leftist Democrats seeking Social Reforms.

Mercury enters a Square Aspect Pattern with Mars after mid-March. The planet of Ideas & Reasons, Media Reports, etc., is in an inimical arrangement with the planet of Force & Conflict, creating Controversy & Argument.

Mercury is Conjunct Neptune at the end of March. Mercury’s Facts & Data combines with Neptune’s Irrational Dreams, resulting in potential Deception & Confusion at the end of March, i.e., Erroneous Reports, Fake News, etc.

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