Venus Transit in Gemini: August 2020

Venus Enters Sidereal Gemini on August 1st, and Stays until August 31st

The planet of Compromise and Agreement is generally favorable in Gemini, a sign that can see things from multiple points of view. Gemini is the Diplomat of the Zodiac. Gemini likes Information; Venus is the planet of Giving Advice. But Gemini’s Flexiblity, combined with Venus’ desire to be Agreeable, can lead to a problem Coming to Conclusions.

As soon as Venus enters Gemini it comes into contact with Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, one of the Eclipse Points. Rahu is a Demon in Vedic Astrology, therefore a signifier of Ambition and Obsession, and prone to Dishonorable Behavior. Therefore the Venus-Rahu conjunction during the first week of August makes Venus significations suspect.

After mid-month, Venus comes into Opposition with Jupiter. Jupiter’s Wisdom and Optimism influencing Venus can help bring about Compromise & Agreement. But it’s also the planet of Increase and Celebration influencing the planet of Pleasures, which can lead to Excess, Self-indulgence, and Dissipation.

At the end of August, Venus leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer, and a whole new pattern emerges for September.

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