Jupiter Conjunct Saturn during December 2020

Jupiter Entered Sidereal Capricorn on November 20: The planet of Increase and Prosperity in the sign of Practical Goals & Tangible Results is good for Gradual Increase and Structured Prosperity. Jupiter is considered ‘Debilitated‘ in Capricorn, but that seems to mostly apply to Jupiter’s spiritual significations: it’s the planet of Belief and Divine Knowledge in a seriously Materialistic sign that is mostly interested in Mundane Success.

Since Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, it has the upper hand. Saturn’s significations of Structure, Order, Harsh Realities, Work, Discipline, etc., will dominate Jupiter’s Hope and Optimism. This is especially true while the two planets are in close conjunction during December and January. From Dec 12 to Dec 30, when they are within one degree of each other, Jupiter and Saturn are in Graha Yuda, i.e., ‘Planetary War.’ Since Saturn is in its own sign, therefore strong, it has the upper hand, and Jupiter’s significations will suffer. This will lead to a lack of Optimism, and a decline in Prosperity, during the Holiday Season.

The Exact Conjunction will be an Astronomical Event. Jupiter and Saturn become conjunct approximately every 20 years. ‘Conjunction’ means they share the same degree of Longitude in the zodiac, but not Latitude. I.e., one planet appears above the other, measured from the horizon. Very rarely, two planets will simultaneously be conjunct in Latitude and Declination, which makes them appear to the naked eye as ‘on top of each other’. That will be the case this time. Jupiter and Saturn can be seen in the West, after Sunset, getting closer and closer together each night, until they appear to merge on December 21.

Jupiter begins to pull away from Saturn during January. As Jupiter gains some separation from Saturn, it will be able to manifest more clearly, and the positive qualities of Capricorn will be more evident: Practical Goals, Management of Resources, Working towards Eventual Gain, etc. During the first few months of 2021 Jupiter will still be together with Saturn in Capricorn, but no longer overwhelmed by Saturn. Jupiter’s beneficence and positive quality will help Saturn to assign practical goals and make gradual recovery, and begin to repair some of the damage done in 2020. In April, Jupiter will proceed into sidereal Aquarius, a more Idealistic sign, and the balance of planetary energies will change.