Mars Conjunct Uranus in Aries: Dec 2020 -Feb 2021

Mars Entered Aries on December 23, 2020

Mars is in its own sign. A planet in its own sign is Strong for what it signifies, as well as what the sign represents. Mars is the planet of Action, Force, Conflict, Impatience. Aries is one of the Fire signs: it’s the sign of Initiative, Independence, Self-reliance.

While in Aries, Mars combines with Uranus

The planet of Freedom, Rebellion, Inspiration, and Sudden Events has been in Aries since 2017. Mars combining with Uranus in Aries is a volatile mix, emphasizing Independent Action, Unexpected Events, and potentially even Violence. Mars is exactly conjunct Uranus on January 20, the day of the US Presidential Inauguration.

Mars is forming a Square Aspect with Saturn

Saturn and Jupiter are transiting in Capricorn, and will be joined by a bunch of other planets during January and February. Aries and Capricorn are “Mutual Kendra” signs. Planets in these signs are in a Square Aspect Pattern. Planets in this pattern are operating at Cross-purposes to each other, which promotes Discord & Strife. This stressful energy is made worse due to the nature of Mars & Saturn, which are both ‘natural malefics’ i.e., have the potential to do Harm.

Retrograde Mercury will join in the pattern in February

Retrograde Mercury tends to Distort the significations of whatever it gets involved with. The planet of Rational Thinking is not operating rationally. The planet of Communications is not communicating clearly. The Mars Square will add an element of Impatience, which will lead to Anger, and more Mistakes than is usual with Mercury Rx.

The Pattern Breaks Up in Late February

When Mars leaves Aries and transits into Taurus on Feb 21, this planetary energy pattern will end. The Tension and Stress caused by the Mars-Uranus combination in Square Aspect to the Capricorn planets will cease to exist.