Mars Retrograde Sept 9 – Nov 13, 2020

Mars Begins a Retrograde Period on Sept 9, 2020, at 4 deg sidereal Aries. A retrograde planet is Held Back from normal progress, and its significations suffer Delay and Distortion. The planet of Action and Fast Results doesn’t like being Retrograde. When Mars is retrograde it is more difficult to get new projects off the ground. Ongoing endeavors also suffer from Delay and Obstruction. Therefore, this is not a good time to begin anything important. However, Mars Retrograde periods are good for Strategy and Planning.

Mars will be in a Square Aspect with Retrograde Saturn all through September. The square aspect with Saturn impedes Mars further, and indicates Tension & Stress. The planet of Caution and The Established Order is operating a cross-purposes to the planet of Action and Impatience. Both planets are strong in their own signs; both are retrograde. Therefore Making Progress becomes Very Difficult, resulting in a lot of Frustration and Anger. (note: this is not the traditional 4th House Forward Square Aspect of Mars, but is referred to as ‘Mutual Kendra’ in Vedic Astrology).

Mars ‘backs into’ Pisces on October 3. The square aspect with Saturn breaks up, but now a new square aspect forms: first with Pluto, and then with Jupiter. Mars square to Pluto is dangerous: Pluto indicates Destruction and Mass Events. Mars square to Jupiter puts Action and Belief at odds with one another. Jupiter is the dispositor of Mars, which is in Jupiter’s sign Pisces. Thus its retrograde condition is infecting Jupiter, making the planet of Beliefs behave badly. Jupiter’s significations of Truth & Optimism also suffer.

Finally, on November 13, Mars Retrograde Ends, at 21 deg sidereal Pisces. The planet of Action will slowly return to normal Direct Motion over the next couple of weeks, and its energy for producing results will likewise return to normal.

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