Mercury Retrograde Opposed by Uranus

Uranus and Mercury are in Mutual Aspect during most of October 2020. Mercury moves into exact Opposition with Uranus on October 7. Then Mercury begins a Retrograde Period on October 13, with Uranus still closely aspecting. Uranus and Retrograde Mercury continue to be in Mutual Aspect into the 4th week of the month.

Uranus is the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events; Mercury is Information, i.e. The News. Therefore we can expect Fast Moving, Unexpected Events, and Surprising News during October. Retrograde Mercury indicates ‘Going Back to The Past’. Therefore a lot of the news items will connect with Information from Past Events. When the planet of Rational Thinking is Retrograde, people are more Irrational. Being influenced by Uranus, the planet of Rebellion & Disruption, indicates this Mercury Retrograde Period will be especially prone to Irrational Thinking.

Retrograde Mercury then moves into Square Aspect with Saturn. As Mercury gets away from the direct aspect of Uranus, it falls under the influence of Saturn. In Vedic Astrology Saturn is considered to throw a Full Force 10th house aspect to the planet 270 deg ahead of itself. Saturn’s square aspect on Retrograde Mercury will be exact on Nov 1, and will continue to affect Mercury even after its retrograde is over on Nov 3. The planet of Restriction and Delay will cause more problems for the ‘backwards’ planet of Information. Mercury is the planet of Making Choices, therefore Voting. Saturn will be trying to Restrain and Delay the planet of Voting during late October and November.