Mars Transit in Taurus: August 2022 – March 2023

Mars enters sidereal Taurus on August 10, 2022. Mars will spend an extra long time in Taurus due to going through a Retrograde Period. Since Mars will be in Taurus for many months, it will have lots of time to express its energy through this sign.

Mars moves completely through Taurus, entering Gemini on October 15. After two weeks, Mars begins its retrograde @ 1 deg Gemini, on Oct 30. Subsequently, Mars returns to Taurus on November 13, remaining retrograde in Taurus until January 12, 2023. After Mars goes back to Direct Forward Motion, it still takes another 2 months before Mars finally exits Taurus, on March 12, 2023.

Mars in Taurus is the planet of Action in the sign of Materialism. Taurus puts a big emphasis on Value and Worth. Mars is Forceful and Aggressive. The result is Greed. But when Mars is Retrograde, things get Screwed Up; the greed Backfires. This transit has a lot of implications for World Economies, Inflation, Corporate Malfeasance, etc.

Mars is Anger; Taurus is the sign of The Bull. When the Bull gets Angry, it’s Bad. This potential is even greater when Mars is Retrograde. Mars is a ‘natural malefic’ planet. When a natural malefic is Retrograde, it becomes even more capable of causing harm.