Mercury Retrograde: January-February 2022

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: January 14 – Feb 3, 2022

Mercury begins its first Retrograde Period of 2022 in Mid-January. This Mercury Retrograde period starts out with Mercury in difficulty: it is Conjunct Saturn and Square to Uranus. Mercury Retrograde periods signify Delay; Saturn signifies Restriction and Consequences. The square aspect from Uranus causes Disruption. Therefore the beginning of this Mercury Retrograde will be prone to more than the usual difficulties.

Mercury Retrograde Periods are well-known for Problems in Communication. The planet of Rational Thinking, Speech & Writing, appears to be going ‘backwards’, i.e., not operating normally. Therefore check & recheck that the message got through; that what you intended is what got heard.

Mercury is the planet of Equipment, Travel, and Transactions. During Mercury Retrograde there are more Equipment Breakdowns, Travel Disruption, and Mistakes in Transactions.

Mercury Retrograde is Good for Going Back Over Things. When the planet of Writing is going back over a previously traversed sector of the zodiac, it is appropriate to Check Over things, Make Corrections, Edit the Report, etc. Taking Care of Past Business, Paying Past Bills, Answering Past Correspondance , etc., is also appropriate.

Mercury is the planet of Signatures. It is considered a bad time to be signing anything when Mercury is Retrograde. The contract will always be plagued with problems if it is signed during Mercury Retrograde.

As Mercury comes to the end of its retrograde it becomes Conjunct Pluto. This is a rather problematic combination. The planet of Communications, The Media, Information, etc. will be combined with the planet of Mass Events, Destruction, & Rebirth. There’s high potential for something Large Scale in World Events, Shocking News, or an Irrevocable Decision with Big Consequences.