Mercury and Venus conjunct Rahu in Taurus, May 2021

Mercury and Venus enter Sidereal Taurus within a week of each other at the end of April / beginning of May. Mercury changes signs on April 30; Venus changes signs on May 4. Mercury and Venus are ‘friends’ in Vedic Astrology. Venus is in its own sign. So overall, this is a positive development for the significations of Mercury and Venus.

It’s the planet of Communications, Ideas & Reasons, with the planet of Relationships, Compromise & Agreement, together in the sign of Tangible Value & Material Wealth. This is generally a good thing. Agreement is easier to achieve, the Economy looks good, people are more Positive.

Mercury and Venus will each become conjunct Rahu in the middle of May. Rahu is the North Node of the Moon; it’s one of the Eclipse Points. Rahu is a ‘Chaya Graha’, a Shadow Planet. It can Obscure the significations of a conjunct planet, causing Confusion and Distortion for the planet’s significations. Rahu is one of the Demons in Vedic Mythology; demons don’t play fair. Therefore, beware of the 2nd week of May, when Mercury, planet of Communications and The Media, combines with Rahu, causing Confusion and Misleading Information. Subsequently, Venus becomes conjunct Rahu, causing Confusion about Values and Bad Faith Agreements.

Mercury and Venus will remain in Taurus for nearly the entire month.

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