Mercury Retrograde: May 29 – June 22, 2021

The 2nd Mercury Retrograde Period of 2021 begins on May 29, @ 0 deg sidereal Gemini. The dividing line between two signs is especially weak for a transiting planet. The significations of Mercury will therefore be Vulnerable, and due to the retrograde condition, Not Operating Normally, as the month draws to a close.

Mercury ‘backs into’ Taurus on June 2nd. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Ideas & Reasons, Transactions, etc., will be ‘backwards’ in the sign of Materialism, Value & Worth, and Conventional Beliefs, for the next 3 weeks. The usual Mercury Retrograde precautions should be observed: Expect Delays in Commmunications, Misunderstandings, Mistakes in Transactions, Equipment Malfunctions, etc.

Mercury and Venus will be in Each Other’s Signs, forming Parivartana Yoga. During Mercury’s Retrograde, Venus is transiting in Mercury’s sign Gemini, and since Mercury is in Venus’ sign Taurus, they form a compelling relationship. Therefore, the distorted energy of Retrograde Mercury is ‘Infecting’ Venus, causing problems with Venus’ significations: Romance, Compromise, Agreement, Guidance, Finance, etc.

Retrograde Mercury will be Conjunct the June 10 New Moon / Solar Eclipse. When a planet is conjunct the New Moon, its energy affects the entire lunar month. In this case, Retrograde Mercury will gain even more influence due to being in near exact conjunction with the June New Moon, which also happens to be a Solar Eclipse. An eclipse can cause effects for months afterwards. Therefore, the problems of Retrograde Mercury will have repercussions for weeks, even months.

At the end of its Retrograde, Mercury is in near Conjunction with Rahu. The North Node of the Moon, Rahu, is another factor that causes Distortion to the significations of any associated planet. Therefore, even after Mercury Retrograde ends on June 22, Mercury will still not be operating normally. It won’t be until after the end of June that things will be ‘getting back to normal’, as far as Communications, Rational Thinking, etc.