Mercury Retrograde June-July 2020

Mercury begins a retrograde period on June 18. Mercury when Retrograde causes Distortion to its significations: Communications are Delayed & Misinterpreted, leading to Misunderstandings & Confusion. Transactions are more subject to error. Equipment malfunctions are more likely (esp Communications Equipment, Computers, etc.) Mercury is in its own sign, sidereal Gemini. This puts an emphasis on Gemini qualities. Gemini is the most dual sign of the zodiac, able to see things from multiple points of view. Gemini loves Information; it’s the ‘News Junkie’ of the zodiac. Therefore the News Reports will frequently be in Error.

This Mercury Retrograde Period becomes worse in July, when Mars moves into position to send a Square Aspect to Mercury. The planet of Force & Aggression causes further distortion to Mercury’s significations. Some of this will be Deliberate, i.e., the Mars square aspect ‘attacks’ the communications of Mercury. The Mars Aggression will be able to Weaponize the Information of Gemini, resulting in Misleading Reports, Fake News, etc.

Finally, on July 12, Mercury Retrograde Ends, and the planet slowly returns to normal forward motion. However, the Mars Square to Mercury pattern will persist through to the end of July.

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