Venus Retrograde, Combust, Squared by Mars: May 30 -June 7, 2020

Venus and its significations are in trouble at the beginning of June

Venus entered a Retrograde phase on May 13. The retrograde condition hampers the full expression of Venus significations. Venus gets into more trouble at the end of May when it gets so close to the Sun that it becomes ‘Combust.’ When a planet is conjunct the Sun, we can’t see it. Venus is a natural Celestial Compass because normally Venus is visible as either the ‘Evening Star’ in the West after Sunset, or the ‘Morning Star’ in the East before Sunrise. That’s why Venus is the planet of Guidance. When we can’t see Venus, “we are without guidance.”

Simultaneously, Venus is receiving the Square Aspect of Mars, planet of Aggression & Combat. The square aspect of Mars is problematic for the planet that it lands on. Therefore during the first week of June, Venus significations will suffer: Romance, Relationship, Agreement, Finance, Guidance, etc.

After June 7, Venus comes out of Combustion, and reappears in the East as the ‘Morning Star.’ Simultaneoulsy, Venus will no longer be molested by the close square aspect of Mars. But Venus will still be retrograde until June 24.

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