Neptune Square Venus in May 2020

Venus and Neptune are in Square Aspect for the month of May 2020

Because Venus moves swiftly, about 1 deg per day, aspect patterns with Venus don’t last long. But this month it’s different: Venus begins a Retrograde Period on May 13, and will consequently be near ‘stationary’ for most of the month. This happens while Venus is almost exactly 90 deg from Neptune, i.e., the Square Aspect. Therefore Venus and Neptune will remain in this pattern for an Unusually Long Time.

Neptune is the planet of Dreams, Fantasy, Suspicion, Deception, and Confusion. Venus is the planet of Relationship, Agreement, Art, Values, Guidance, and Finance. Whereas some Venus-Neptune combinations are good for Creativity, the Square Aspect is Inimical. Therefore Venus significations will be under a cloud during May. Guidance will be Suspect, there will be Deception in Romance, Values will be Hard to Determine, the Financial Sector will Suffer. Things get worse when Venus goes Retrograde on May 13. The planet of Romance, Agreement, Finance, etc. will be ‘backwards’ and its significations will be distorted, along with suffering from the Neptune square.

Neptune is in Aquarius, a sign known for Social Involvement, Social Consciousness. Neptune in Aquarius is a Social Idealist. Venus is in Taurus, a sign that values Materialism. Venus in Taurus emphasizes Value and Finance. The square aspect between these two positions pits Social Idealism against Financial Concerns. Current example is the Value of the Covid-19 Lockdown vs the Value of Return to Work.

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