Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, All Retrograde & Conjunct

Jupiter = Optimism, Saturn = Harsh Reality, Pluto = Destruction

The Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto combination has been manifesting strongly as an ‘ambient’ karma, i.e., a mass events situation that threatens everyone’s normality. The simultaneous Retrograde periods of the three planets intensifies the energy pattern.

Jupiter is the ‘Great Benefic’ in Astrology, the planet of Belief, Optimism, Grace. Jupiter is being sandwiched between two powerful malefic planets. Therefore its significations have to suffer.
This causes general apprehension, doubt, anxiety, etc., as we all watch the pandemic and attendant economic collapse eat away at taken-for-granted reality strutures.
Additionally, many people get impacted with a very material experience of the energy pattern, i.e., loss of job, loss of health, loss of prosperity, etc.

The transition of retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Pluto into Jupiter’s own sign Sagittarius at the end of June marks the beginning of an improvement, but it won’t happen instantly.
I.e., since Jupiter and Pluto will be exactly conjunct while they are changing signs, Pluto’s destructive nature will still be the dominant force.
After several weeks (August) Jupiter will get far enough away from Pluto that it can start to manifest independently. Then in September, as it becomes Stationary & then Direct in its own sign, Jupiter will be able to more strongly manifest the Optimism it is known for.

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