Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: December 2021

Venus Forms an Extended Conjunction with Pluto

Venus enters sidereal Capricorn on December 8, 2021. This puts the planet of Relationship, Agreements, Advice, & Finance in the sign of Practical Goals & Tangible Results. Capricorn significations are strong due to its ruler, Saturn, currently transiting in this sign.

Venus immediately becomes conjunct Pluto. Pluto has a ‘Shiva-like’ energy: Complete Destruction, but for the purpose of Making Way for Something New. Pluto functions on a Large Scale: Mass Events, Generational Change, etc.

Venus begins a Retrograde Period on December 19. While Retrograde, Venus’ significations are Distorted, i.e., not operating normally. It’s the planet of Relationship, Values, Agreement, Finance, etc. ‘in Reverse’. Therefore: Reconsideration of Relationship, Reworking Agreements, Problems in the Financial Sector, etc.

Venus is Barely Moving before & after begining a Retrograde Period. Due to its Stationary Condition, Venus maintains its conjunction with Pluto for three weeks. This is Highly Unusual: Venus moves swiftly in the zodiac; Venus-Pluto interactions normally only last a couple of days. Venus slowly ‘backs over’ Pluto, giving Pluto’s destructive energy more time to create events. The extended conjunction means that Venus significations have a high probablity of going through Dramatic Change during December.

Venus ‘Gets Away’ from Pluto when it ‘backs into’ Sagittarius on December 29. Venus will continue its retrograde period in Sagittarius until January 29, 2022.