Rahu in Pisces; Ketu in Virgo – Nov 2023 – May 2025

The Moon’s Nodes are the crossover points of the path of the Sun and the path of the Moon, as seen from Earth. The Sun and the rest of the planets appear in one plane, called the ecliptic; the Moon appears to travel at a 6 deg angle to the ecliptic. Thus we get two crossover points: the ‘North’ or Ascending node, and the South, or Descending node.  The nodes are directly opposite each other in the zodiac. These are the eclipse points: when the Sun and Moon arrive at one of the crossover points at the same time, we get a Solar Eclipse; when they arrive at the nodes ‘oppositely’ with the Earth in between, we get a Lunar eclipse. Called Rahu and and Ketu in Vedic Astrology, the nodes take about a year and a half to transit through their respective signs. Due to the way that the Sun’s path and the Moon’s path interact, the nodes move ‘backwards’ through the zodiac, i.e., entering from the end of a sign, exiting from the beginning of a sign.

Even though they are just calculated points, not real planets, Rahu and Ketu are very important in Vedic Astrology. In a natal chart, Ketu is the inlet point for the Unconscious Behavior Patterns inherited from the past life. We can analyze Ketu to give us clues about what you did in your previous birth. Rahu represents some of what the soul has to confront in this lifetime to ‘balance out’ the activities of the past life. Rahu is an indicator of the Soul’s Desire to Evolve. Thus Rahu’s natal placement indicates Lessons that you have to learn in this lifetime; if we embrace and learn our lessons, Rahu promises material success.

The interpretation for the transiting nodes is somewhat different than for the natal chart positions. Due to its quality of Ambition, Rahu gives the house that it is transiting in a special focus. There can even be an Obsession with the affairs of that part of your life. Rahu’s transit position also shows where there is potential for Innovation and Progress. On the other hand, Ketu’s transit position is usually not good for the material plane. Since Ketu represents The Past, it is a significator of the non-manifest, unseen dimension. Ketu is therefore considered more of a Spiritual indicator, which goes along with Renunciation, or Sacrifice. Ketu’s transit position shows where we will have to Abandon, to Surrender, to ‘Let Go Of’ something connected with the meanings of that house. Because Ketu represents the mysterious past karma, it can bring about events that appear to be beyond your control.

Rahu has been in Aries, and Ketu has been in Libra since March 2022. At the end of November 2023, Rahu moves to Pisces; Ketu moves to Virgo. The nodes will slowly work their way backwards through these two signs over the next year and a half, exiting in May 2025.

Here are the house placements and some general indications for each of the 12 Rising Sign Charts:

Aries: Rahu in 12th house; Ketu in 6th house

Focus on Meditation, Success with Institutions, Humanitarian Deeds; Mysterious Illness, Dissatisfaction / Loss / Change of Employment

Taurus: Rahu in 11th house; Ketu in 5th house

Emphasis on Goals & Ambitions, Gain from Friendships, Group Activities; Dissatisfaction with Love, Problems with Child, Interest in Spiritual Practice

Gemini: Rahu in 10th house; Ketu in 4th house

Advancement in Career, Business Success, Public Recognition; Change in Residence, Sacrifice of Comforts, Problem or Loss for Mother

Cancer: Rahu in 9th house; Ketu in 3rd house

Interest in Religion /Philosophy, Travel to Foreign Land, Higher Studies; Change in Neighborhood, Failed Initiative, Adapting to New Circumstances

Leo: Rahu in 8th house; Ketu in 2nd house

Desire for Occult Knowledge, Gain from Other’s Wealth, Secret Actions; Dissatisfaction with Personal Finances, Change in Family Situation

Virgo: Rahu in 7th house; Ketu in 1st house

Focus on Partner, Success in Distant Place, Unconventional Relationship; Dissatisfaction with Self, Self-sacrifice due to Burdensome Duties

Libra: Rahu in 6th house; Ketu in 12th house

Focus and Innovation at Work, Unusual Disease, New Health Techniques; Inclination for Meditation, Sacrifice for Disadvantaged Person

Scorpio: Rahu in 5th house; Ketu in 11th house

Great Desire for Romance, Unusual Love, Innovative Creativity; Loss of a Friend, Dissatisfaction with Gains, Change in Goals & Ambitions

Sagittarius: Rahu in 4th house; Ketu in 10th house

Focus on Home & Comforts, Transformation in Relationship with Mother; issatisfaction & Change in Profession or Business, New Career Direction

Capricorn: Rahu in 3rd house; Ketu in 9th house

Focus on Personal Desires, Acquiring & Using New Skills & Talents; Abandon formerly held Beliefs, Changing the Agenda for the Future.

Aquarius: Rahu in the 2nd house; Ketu in the 8th house

Focus on Materiality and Acquisition, Reliance on Own Finances; Less physical Vitality, Less access/ support from Partner’s/ Other’s Wealth

Pisces: Rahu in 1st house; Ketu in 7th house

Emphasis on Own Ambitions, Expression of Individuality, Self-confidence; Dissatisfaction with Partner, Problems Maintaining Relationship

The effects of Transiting Rahu and Ketu will be more noticeable if you have a natal planet or important point in Pisces or Virgo. Rahu’s conjunction with a natal planet tends to magnify the natural significations of that planet; Ketu’s conjunction with a natal planet emphasizes the spiritual but simultaneously can nullify the material significations that the planet represents. For example: Rahu transiting over natal Mars makes a person more Ambitious and Energized; Ketu’s transit over natal Venus inspires Devotion and Creativity but can make you lose interest in Money and Sensual Pleasures.