Predictions using Planetary Patterns

As the planets move along on the zodiac they form an ever changing sequence of combinations with each other as well as with the stationary backdrop of the stars. For centuries the Ancients kept track of the many patterns formed in the Heavens along with the ongoing event sequence on Earth, creating the system of correspondences we know as Astrology. This body of anecdotal data, along with the precise regularity of the planetary movements, makes possible the interpretation of forthcoming celestial patterns as predictors of future developments in human affairs and happenings on Earth.

Each of the planets has its own set of intrinsic significations (called ‘karakas’ in Vedic Astrology). Likewise, each of the signs of the zodiac has its particular characteristics. By combining the qualities of a planet with the qualities of the sign it is transiting through the astrologer comes to certain conclusions about the nature of the resulting pattern. If another planet enters the picture the energy pattern acquires yet more definition, making accurate prediction of upcoming events more certain.

For Instance: in 2010 Saturn and Uranus, slowly moving along on opposite sides of the zodiac, came into opposition with each other. Uranus is the planet of Freedom, Rebellion, and Dramatic Change. Saturn is the planet of Order, Structure, and Stability. This planetary pattern set up a powerful potential for Upsetting the Established Order. In May 2010, Jupiter the planet of Confidence and Optimism, and beneficial happenings in general, entered Pisces, thereby adding its positive energy to the Uranus side of the opposition, tilting the energy pattern in favor of the Rebels. Consequently, the Tea Party Republicans were victorious in the November 2010 elections. Later, in March 2011, Mars, planet of Confrontation and War, entered Pisces resulting in the various rebellions in North Africa and the Mideast taking a more violent turn.

At the time of writing this article (June 2011), Mars and Ketu are together in Taurus. (Ketu is the Moon’s South Node, one the of the intersection points of the apparent paths of the Moon and Sun). Taurus is an Earth sign, very concerned with Value and Tangible Worth, and thus connected with Finance and Banking. Taurus also represents Wealth from the Earth, i.e., Natural Resources, Crops, Forestry, etc. Mars and Ketu are both considered ‘Firey’ planets and thus are capable of Destruction. The debt situation in various countries (including the USA) has reached crisis proportions; meanwhile a series of wildfires are destroying huge areas of forests in the Southwestern states.

The usefulness of predictive astrology is the ability to look ahead to see what planet and sign combinations are forming and thus be able to predict what sorts of events to expect. For instance, by keeping track of what Jupiter is doing, we can predict for the economic situation. Looking ahead to 2012, we see that Jupiter will enter Taurus in mid-May of 2012. Simultaneously Venus, while in its retrograde phase, “backs into” Taurus from Gemini. Both of these planets are karakas of Wealth and Prosperity, and should do well in materialistic Taurus. But Ketu, which entered Taurus in 2011, is still in Taurus in 2012. Ketu has a reputation for dissolving things on the material plane. In fact, in late June, all three of Jupiter, Venus, and Ketu will be tightly conjunct in Taurus, marking this time as highly problematic for economies throughout the world. At the same time, in another part of the zodiac, Mars and Uranus will come into opposition to each other, creating a planetary pattern well known for sudden, unexpected, and even explosive events. Putting all of these factors together we get the prediction for a worsening financial situation in May and June of next year, along with a dramatic event in late June that could precipitate a financial crisis.