Who Wins? Predicting Victory Over an Opponent

Can Vedic Astrology predict the outcome of a contest? As we enter the final weeks of the 2012 Presidential Campaign the subject of “who is going to win” has become the obsession of the nation, the media, and anyone else not living under a rock. Likewise in our personal lives, at times we have to go up against an opponent, be it in the business world, in sports, or even a legal matter. Being able to determine the winner beforehand, if favorable to you, would give you the confidence to proceed, or if unfavorable could save you a lot of trouble and unhappiness.

A contest, a battle, a lawsuit –each is a match-up between two opposing parties. As such, we should be able to “match up” two astrology charts and deduce which is stronger and thereby predict the winner. In fact, this is the essence of forecasting any outcome in astrology: the strength of the relevant factors, or conversely, their weakness, is what determines the result. In the case of contests, the astrology of both participants needs to be evaluated.

The part of the chart that is especially important in battles is the 6th house: the house of Struggle and Difficulty. This sector of your chart foretells not only what sorts of problems you encounter in your life; it also indicates how well you overcome these problems. A strong 6th house gives the power to Win in Life. What makes a strong 6th house? The ancient texts specifically indicate that natural malefics, i.e., Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Sun, will bolster the energy of the 6th house and insure victory over opponents (interestingly, these same planets in the 6th house give you opponents). But it is the ruler of the 6thhouse (the planet that owns the sign in your 6th) that represents the actual adversary, and should it be strong, you’re in trouble. I.e., if the planet owning the 6th house has strength and prominence in your chart, you have the karma of having to deal with powerful problems and enemies.

Let’s examine the case of President Barack Obama. Since he is Capricorn Rising, his 6thhouse is Gemini, ruled by Mercury. Mercury in itself is a rather weak planet which shouldn’t present much difficulty, except that in Mr. Obama’s chart Mercury teams up with the Sun, both in his 7th house, which gives him the karma of having direct, powerful enemies (the 7th house stands for the person “opposite” to you, typically your spouse, but also includes “open enemies”). Further, the natural benefic Venus, the planet of Harmony and Agreement, occupies his 6th house, which is not what we want to see for a strong 6thhouse. In other words, instead of trying to defeat his enemies, Mr Obama tries to “make nice” and compromise with them.

Now switch over to Mr. Romney’s chart. For a Taurus Rising, Libra is the 6th house, ruled by Venus. His Venus is in his 9th house, the house of Good Fortune. Thus, Mr. Romney has Luck on his side when it comes to defeating enemies. Further, there is no planet occupying his 6th house. But does this mean he wins in a real fight? Not necessarily; in fact it would be more correct to say that he has the good fortune of not having to go to battle. This makes him vulnerable when there actually is a “worthy opponent,” such as when he ran against Ted Kennedy for senator of Massachusettes.

The natural malefics (Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu) if strongly placed in the natal chart, contribute much energy for success. What Mr. Romney does have is a very powerful 10thhouse, the house of actions in the world; the house of Success. His Mars-Sun conjunction in his 10th house indicates karma for Leadership as well as someone who will stop at nothing to achieve success, i.e., he is ruthless. What does Mr. Obama have? He has the power of his Ascendant, which is occupied by its own ruler Saturn, giving him Persistence and Great Endurance.

Besides the karma for victory shown by the natal chart, we also have to consider Timing. I.e., is your karma for victory “turned on” in your chart when the time for battle comes? How about your adversary? Is his karma for winning activated, or not? This question gets answered through the analysis provided by the Vimshottari Dasha (a.k.a. planetary period system) of Vedic Astrology. For instance, Mr. Obama just recently entered his Saturn Major Period. Saturn is the most powerful planet in his chart: the ruler of the Rising Sign in the 1st house. This by itself is a strong indication of Success at this time in his life. Mr. Romney is in his Sun Major period, and Mercury sub-period. Sun and Mercury form a potent combination in his 10th house: he too is primed for success at this time of his life. But Mercury is a much weaker planet, and is disadvantaged in his chart by its association with malefic Mars, making Mr. Romney prone to making mistakes.

And then there’s another group of important timing factors that must also be considered before we can pronounce the victor: these are the Transits. If you are undergoing a particularly “bad” transit to an important part of your chart, for instance your Ascendant, that could weaken you to the point where it over-rides other favorable factors in your chart and ends up handing victory to the other guy. In such a case it would be better, if possible, to postpone the battle until a more auspicious time. Mitt Romney now has Ketu (one of the eclipse points) transiting through his Taurus ascendant. Ketu is the connector to Past Karma. As we have seen, Mr. Romney’s past actions have become a major thorn in his heel all during the campaign.

Mars is the planet of Battle and Victory. Its position in the zodiac should be favorable to your natal chart when you are engaged in a battle. Starting a month before and continuing during the time of the elections, Mars is transiting in Scorpio. In Mr. Obama’s chart, that puts Mars in his 11th house of Goals and Accomplishments, where it is exceptionally strong and promises favorable results. But in Mr. Romney’s chart, the same Mars transit shows up in his 7th house, the house of “The Direct Enemy.” Mars transiting in its own sign “powers up” this part of Romney’s chart while simultaneously afflicting his Ascendant (and by its special 4th house/ square aspect, also hammers his 10th house), thereby weakening his prospects for victory.

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