Astrology Analysis for Barack Obama

Born: August 4, 1961, 19:24:00, Honolulu, Hawaii


Barack Obama’s chart shows a strong Ascendant, with both Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, a goal-oriented sign drawn towards taking on responsibility and getting the job done. Capricorn people are known for hard work, patience, and taking a systematic approach towards solving problems. It is a sober sign, thoughtful and prudent, respected by others, and best suited to a position that involves the use of structured authority.

 The Moon in his chart is in the earth sign Taurus, known for practicality, appreciation of the arts, an amiable temperament, and romantic. Taurus is a sign that always seeks tangible results and wants value for its efforts. Like Capricorn, Taurus does not openly display emotions. The Taurus Moon is what gives Mr. Obama the ability to maintain his composure in (nearly) all circumstances. The Moon is exalted in this sign, and in the 5th house, makes him very attractive to the Public.

 The presence of Saturn in the first house, as ruler of the sign Capricorn, gives him a strong sense of self and reinforces the natural steadfast qualities of the rising sign. Since it is retrograde at his birth, Saturn’s energy is experienced more inwardly: Mr. Obama is governed by a strong internal reality structure. Although he will listen to what others say, his own opinions don’t change easily. Jupiter, the planet of Wisdom being placed in the Ascendant, grants him the ability to act wisely from a larger perspective. Jupiter is retrograde as well: his belief system comes from within, and isn’t too susceptible to outer influences.

 In the 7th house of Partnership lies the Sun and Mercury, a combination that gives success and intelligence, and in the house of the Spouse, grants these qualities to his wife as well. In a more general sense, the Sun in the 7th house signifies being drawn to and making a partnership with power, while simultaneously being opposed to authority: Mr. Obama is constantly managing his relationship with authority and keeping it “on review”.

 Mars shows up in Leo in the 8th house of this chart. Mars is the planet most advanced in degrees, and thus becomes the atmakaraka of the chart, the indicator of “spirit”. Mars is the planet of Action. Its placement in Leo grants superior strategizing ability like that of a general or a chess player. Mars is with Rahu in the 8th house indicating success by employing innovative techniques for obtaining others’ support and money.

 Venus in this chart represents the 10th house of Profession, and is placed in the 6th house of Service, indicating his predisposition to pursue a service-oriented career. The 6th house is the house of Enemies, occupied by the sign of diplomacy, Gemini. Venus here shows Mr. Obama’s preference to negotiate and win over his enemies rather than devastate them.

 In the Lunar Zodiac, the rising degree is in the sign Dhanishta, the sign represented by Shiva’s drum or Krishna’s flute: i.e., he sees himself as “an instrument of God”. This is a very principled sign, known for holding back, keeping the cards close to the chest, waiting until everyone has expressed their opinions before giving one’s own. This sign is noted for being skilled at intelligent argument, having good timing, being in tune with universal forces, and always maintaining proper conduct. The signification of “good timing” is what makes him good at sports.

 The Moon in the Lunar Zodiac is in Rohini . This sign is noted for having magnetic and seductive qualities: it’s easy to see that people are attracted to him. The image of Rohini is the Ox-cart, therefore associated with material abundance, commerce and civilization, as well as the qualities of the Ox: being straight forward, stable, and stubborn. Rohini-born people persist until they get what they want.

 Both of his rising sign planets, Saturn and Jupiter, are in the nakshatra (lunar sign) of Uttara Ashada, the sign of the “latter victor”: ultimately he wins in the end.

 Predictions for Barack Obama:

Mr.Obama is currently in his Jupiter Major Period, a powerful period of Hope and Opportunity. In his chart Jupiter becomes the ruler of both the 12th house of Spirituality and the 3rdhouse of Initiative: his courage and his connection with the Universal Forces help him in achieving success. During 2008 Obama was in his Moon sub-period. The natal Moon is exalted in Taurus and receives the trine aspect of benefic Jupiter, which made him the favorite of the people during the election.

In March ’09, he entered the Mars sub-period for almost a year. Mars periods are characterized by a great deal of activity as well as potential conflict. As the ruler of his 4th and 11th houses, Mars turned on his heart-felt ambitions. But since natal Mars is placed in his 8th house of chronic obstacles, there were problems fulfilling his dreams, unless he could get the support (8th house= support) of others. Jupiter and Rahu transiting through Capricorn, his 1st house, in 2009 contributed greatly to his ambition and optimism.

He is now in his Rahu sub-period, which runs from February 2010 to July 2012. The placement of natal Rahu in his 8th house is powerful for Transformations and Confronting Obstacles….but it also gives obstacles. The position of Rahu in Leo indicates that one of his challenges in this life is to move away from the past life Aquarius tendency of trying to include everybody, and instead become more Leo, more of a King. Obama’s natal Rahu is conjunct Uranus, the planet of Unexpected Events, bringing in the karma of having to deal with a Crisis. (President George Bush also has this combination in his chart. He had to deal with 9-11, as well as a financial melt-down).

Will Obama get re-elected in 2012? In the middle of that year he will begin his Saturn Major Period. Saturn is the ruler of his chart and very powerful in its own sign in the 1st house. In 2012 Saturn in the Heavens will be transiting in Libra, Obama’s 10th house of Status and Position. He will be very hard to beat, whoever his opponent is.