Uranus Transiting In Aries: April 2017 – May 2024

Uranus is not one of the original Vedic Astrology planets, it was only discovered in 1781. Thus there is nothing written about Uranus in the original Vedic Astrology texts; the traditionalists close their eyes to it. In modern astrology Uranus is considered to be a disruptive factor: it’s the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, Revelation, Freedom, Revolt, Shock, Eccentricity. Uranus takes 7 years to transit through a zodiacal sign. When it moves into to a new sign it’s a fairly significant astrological event, setting up new energy patterns in the zodiac. Since January 2010, the planet of Freedom and Rebellion has been in Pisces. On April 7, 2017, Uranus enters Aries, where it will remain for the next 7 years, until May 2024.

The energy of Uranus is quite in keeping with the sign Aries. Aries is the sign of Independent Action, the Pioneer sign. Aries thirsts for Adventure, taking on New Challenges, making New Discoveries. It is one of the Fire signs, therefore egocentric, emphasizing autonomy, accentuating the needs of the individual. This is a sign that competes for attention, wants to make a contribution, and needs to have a mission. Aries is a creative sign, always coming up with new ways of doing things. But the energy of excitement-prone Uranus also increases Aries’ natural tendency for Impatience and Impulsiveness.

Giving Uranus the venue of Aries from which to express its energy will promote the natural qualities of the planet of Rebellion, Inspiration, and Change. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone tired of the accepted norms and dependable structure of society. If you’ve been wanting Change, you shall have it. On the other hand, if you prefer stability and are attached to keeping things the way they’ve been, then this new position of Uranus in the zodiac will feel rather threatening.

The energy of any planet-sign combination can manifest in the Human Realm, or in the Natural World. With Uranus in Aries, we can expect an intensification of Extreme Events in the environment, including more extreme Weather Events, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Disasters, etc. On the human plane Uranus represents Fanatics, Rebels, Revolutionaries, and Outlaws, all of whom will be encouraged by the energy of this planet in action-oriented Aries, producing more Social Agitation, Riots, Rebellions, etc. Since it is the planet of Freedom, Uranus also represents Refugees, which will increase in number and in their willingness to risk everything to escape oppressive regimes and natural disasters.

On the upbeat side, Uranus in Aries will bring more Scientific Discoveries, Inventions, Social Reforms, Humanitarian Movements, Engineering Accomplishments, and Intellectual Excitement. Aries is the sign of Adventure; Uranus promotes the Aries quality of wanting to try new things, of Taking Risks. Aries is naturally creative, so expect new startling Art, Drama, Films, etc. As a “modern” planet, Uranus is an indicator of modern technology, especially anything electric or electronic. Therefore we can expect more advances in computers, communications technologies, new electric cars, energy systems, etc.

Uranus moves slowly in the zodiac, only making a few degrees progress each year. Specific events associated with Uranus will occur when another planet interacts with its position, either by conjunction, opposition, or special aspect. Since Aries is a Mars-ruled sign, the disposition of Mars will be especially important. Mars-Uranus interactions can be extremely dangerous, since it puts together the planet of Violence with the planet of Unexpected Events. For instance, during the summer of 2018, Retrograde Mars will be squaring Uranus; a High-Pressure combination liable to produce explosive events.

In mundane astrology, the effect of Uranus on a nation’s chart gives some clues regarding which area of the country to watch for upcoming changes. For instance, Aries is the 5th house of the chart of the USA. The fifth house of a national chart signifies the Children and their Education, as well as the country’s Birthrate. The 5th house is also the Pleasures of the country: national Parks, Entertainment, Sports, Games, Stadiums, Theatres. The 5th house represents Speculation and Investments, including Public Investment. We can expect changes in all these areas during the next seven years. For instance, Uranus will cause the students to be more rebellious, signifying strikes and demonstrations on campuses. The stock market will experience wild fluctuation. Entertainers will seek to create excitement with more risky and eccentric shows for the pleasure of the masses.

In personal astrology charts, Uranus will manifest events in the area of your life indicated by the house position of Aries. If the Uranus transit interacts with a natal planet in your chart, especially by conjunction or opposition, the potential for surprising occurrences connected to the significations of that planet is much increased.
For example: if you have your natal Sun in Aries, then the Uranus transit will put even more emphasis on your natural tendency to be independent, to be in charge, making it difficult to cooperate with others for any extended time. If you have your natal Venus in Aries, you will be prompted to find new and exciting relationships, which may impel you to forsake an existing relationship.

If you are: Uranus is in: Some of the Potential Effects:
Aries Rising 1st House Surprising Changes in Life overall, New Directions,
Redefining your relationships, need for Freedom
Taurus Rising 12th House Subconscious need to Break Free, Wild Dreams,
Sudden Realizations while Meditating
Gemini Rising 11th House High Expectations, Radical Goals, Unusual Friends,
Joining up with Counterculture Group
Cancer Rising 10th House Radical Change in Career or Public Standing
Rebellion against Boss or Government
Leo Rising 9th House Change of Beliefs, Unexpected Good Fortune
Unexpected Travel, Rebellion against Father
Virgo Rising 8th House Unexpected Change to Partner’s Finances,
Unexpected Inheritance, Sudden Need for Surgery
Libra Rising 7th House Change in Marital Relationship, potential Breakup,
Unexpected Enemy, Impulsive Marriage
Scorpio Rising 6th House Unexpected Events in Job, or with Co-workers,
Sudden Health Problem, Unexpected Debts
Sagittarius Rising 5th House Sudden Infatuation or Change in Romance,
Unexpected Events with Child, Creative Inspiration
Capricorn Rising 4th House Disruption in Home Environment, New Residence,
Need for Freedom from Domestic Responsibilities
Aquarius Rising 3rd House Change in Neighborhood, Unusual New Neighbor
Weird Occurrences, Disruption of Routines
Pisces Rising 2nd House Changes in Personal Finances, Disruption in Family
Sudden windfall or sudden loss.