Rewards and Results

A significant issue in our material lives is how and when we will get the payoff for our actions. We need tangible indications of success to prove that our efforts are worthwhile; that we are on the “right track.” Usually this reward is quantified as money, but it can also take the shape of Honors, Respect, Influence over others, Desireable Relationships, Gifts, Self-esteem. How can we tell if, and when, and from what quarter, the rewards will come? The sector of the Vedic Astrology birth chart known as the Eleventh House is where the astrologer goes to answer that question.

 One of the principles of astrology is that the house that follows a given house of the birth chart shows the “outcome” of that house. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the case of the 11th house. The 10th house is the house of one’s Actions in the World. The 11thhouse shows the results of those actions. Our action out in today’s world mostly comes down to Career, and by extension, one’s Business. Thus the 11th house indicates Profits and Gains, and thereby qualifies as one of the financial houses of the horoscope. Our actions in the world also give us new relationships: the 11th house becomes the house of Friends and Associates, and Group Activities.

The general idea of the 11th house is that it is the House of Gain. What we gain, how we gain, and when we gain, can be determined by an examination of the 11th house situation. The basic scheme of analysis considers the sign in the 11th and any planets that occupy it in the birth chart, the placement and condition of the the 11th house ruler (the planet that owns the 11th house sign), and any planet that happens to be transiting through the sign of the 11th house at any given time. Each planet has its own particular significations. When a planet is posited in the 11th house, or transiting through that sign in the Zodiac, we get the rewards and relationships signified by that planet. Below is a short list of some of the possible results:

Sun in the 11th:  Powerful friends; Gain from Father or Authorities
Moon in the 11th:  Popularity with Public; Gain from Mother or Agriculture
Mercury in the 11th: Intelligent friends; Gain through Intellect or Trade
Venus in the 11th: Aesthetic, Charming Friends; Gain through Arts, Females
Mars in the 11th: Aggressive, Ambitious friends; Gain through own Effort
Jupiter in the 11th: Wise, Respectable friends; Gain through Guru or Son
Saturn in the 11th: Older friends; Gain through Established People
Rahu in the 11th: Unusual, Unconventional friends; Gain through Innovation
Ketu in the 11th: Spiritual Friends; Gain through Sacrifice, Unexpected gain

 Whether or not there is a planet in the 11th house, the location of the ruler of the house is always important. Since the 11th house ruler carries with it the general signification of “Gain”, it will manifest this karma through the area of life indicated by its placement in the natal chart. Some examples: when the 11th house ruler is posited in the 4th house, there can be gains through the Mother or through Real Estate. In the 7th house, gains are realized through Partnerships or In a Distant Land. In the 5th house, gain can be realized through Speculation and Investment.

When considering a planet placed in the 11th or when analyzing the placement of the 11thhouse ruler, the condition of the planet under examination must be taken into account. If the planet is in a favorable sign (a sign it does well in) or under the influence of a natural benefic (chiefly Venus and Jupiter) the gains and rewards are more bountiful. If the planet occupies a sign unfavorable to it, or suffers from association or aspect of a natural malefic (such as Mars or Saturn), the results are not as satisfactory.

 As with everything in the Vedic chart, the timing for results gets determined by employing the techniques and formulas of prediction. Using the Vimshottari Dasha (planetary period system) the astrologer can pinpoint which years and months the karma of the 11th house is “turned on” for you, and therefore when the payoff is most likely to show up. Planetary periods of any planet occupying the 11th house, the 11th house ruler, and any planet favorably aspecting the 11th house due to its natal placement are the most likely candidates for giving rewards in your life.

 The occurance of a powerful planet transiting through the 11th house is another technique forpredicting results. The general rule in Vedic Astrology is that any planet transiting in the 11th house sign is favorable, but obviously the planet will give results connected to its nature (see above list). By knowing what is affecting your 11th house, you can be on the look-out for it. For instance, if Saturn is transiting this part of your chart, you should look to older, experienced, established people in your life. Since Saturn represents Labor, putting your nose to the grindstone during this transit will give good results. Venus transiting through the 11th house indicates potential gain through Females, or through the Arts or from Artistic People. When Rahu transits through your 11th, you have the potential to gain from Rahu people: Foreigners, Unusual People, Innovative People.

The idea in Vedic Astrology is always to align our actions and expectations to be in harmony with our destiny. By understanding your 11th house karma for Results and Rewards and the timing for activation of that karma, you can plan your moves better and make the best use of your energy for success in your life.