Activation of Birth Chart Potentials

In Vedic Astrology the birth chart shows us the karma and destiny we are born with.But it is through predictive analysis that we will find out if, and when a particular karma or destiny will be realized. Few people live up to their full potential. Much of what is promised in the birth chart can lie dormant or latent, awaiting some means of activation. Vedic Astrology recognizes this and has systemized a number of techniques to reveal when a particular potential is likely to be realized. This Activation of Potentials can be broadly classified as internal or external.The internal mechanisms of activation are processes of timing, which work like clocks that begin ticking away starting out from the time of birth. Included here we have the various dasha systems (planetary periods of influence), the progressions and the transit cycles. Each of these timing systems will “turn on” particular potentials in your chart at specific times during the lifespan. The internal activations share the common factor of being automatic, i.e., beyond our conscious control. They illustrate the unfolding of our life’s development, of our karma. Since they are all mathematically determinable, they are easy to track with modern computer software programs.The other way in which potentials in our birth chart can be activated is externally, i.e.,with our conscious will playing a part. Whenever we interact with someone, our birth chart intermingles with that other person’s planetary positions. The two charts, juxtaposed against each other, become mutual activators for various potentials in each other. This is the basis of compatibility analysis in astrology. In theory at least, we have some say about whom we associate with. We can, armed with astrological data, forecast whether our interaction with another person will create favorable or unfavorable activation of our latent potentials.

We can also have conscious effect on our potentials through the various remedial actions. The use of gems for the enhancement of a particular planet’s energies is one such technique. By using the appropriate gem we can encourage potentials which, though favorable in our chart, need a “boost” to bring them up to where they will materialize more readily. Certainly our conscious acts help to stimulate favorable potentials and avoid undesirable ones. The most recommended of these remedial actions are prayer and meritorious deeds.

The ancient texts are full of specific prayers, mantras and charitable actions, designed to encourage or discourage particular karmas as indicated in the birth chart.

Locational Astrology, where one moves to a place on our planet which will emphasize particular birth chart factors, is yet another technique to use for external activation. Similarly, we can look to this method to understand why the place where we live is giving rise to detrimental activation or could favorably improve our life.

Determining the what and when of activation is only part of the picture. We would like more specifics, such as whether the activation will give us positive or negative results.To know the quality of the activation we have to look at two things. First, the birth chart factor being energized —is it predisposed for favorable or unfavorable results?

Secondly, what is the nature of the activator and how will it interact with the potential shown in the birth chart? For instance, Saturn transiting over your natal Moon can give good results if your natal Moon is adapted to Saturn’s energy. In that case this transit will activate positive interactions with older and more established people, and give gains through taking on responsibilities—things that Saturn represents. Whereas, in another chart where the Moon is poorly conditioned to receive Saturn’s energy, this transit will give much hardship.

Vedic Astrology always tries to predict events with accuracy. Powerful combinations of planets in the natal chart will readily manifest their promise and need only modest activation to stimulate creation of events—these are easy to predict. Other, often desirable potentials need a stronger “push” to give results. Determining the strength of activation becomes crucial for knowing if a promised event is going to manifest, or merely show up as hopes and dreams.

Vedic Astrology is full of rules and formulas to help in this regard, but probably the most obvious and reliable technique is to watch for multiple activation. For instance: A planetary period (dasha) highlights a part of the natal chart for several years. A strong, slow-moving planet like Jupiter enters that same sector of the chart, creating more activation during a particular year. Another planet transits opposite a sensitive point associated with that same area of life and now, with multiple activation in play, we know that the probability of something happening is high.

Note that all of the foregoing are internal activators, i.e., beyond conscious control. But now, knowing the timing for strongest activation, we can bring into play the external, conscious activation. In other words, by aligning the timing of our actions with the timing indicated by chart activation, we act in harmony with our destiny, getting determinable results and thus, live our lives more skillfully.

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