Saturns Transit in Aquarius: Jan 2023 – Mar 2025

In the Ancient World, the world without telescopes, Saturn was the furthest visible member of the solar system. As the outermost planet, it moved the slowest. Therefore Saturn became the planet of Time, and of things that have an Intrinsic Element of Time, such as Old Age, Stability, Security, Established Order, etc. These sorts of things were very important to the Ancients… and still are today. Without Saturn, our world would devolve into Chaos.

Since it’s the planet of Structure, we depend on Saturn for our Routine Operations; Saturn keeps things Organized; Saturn is the planet of the ‘Solid World.’ As the planet of Longevity, Saturn signifies Endurance; it’s the planet of Experience, and Maturity. On the downside, Saturn signifies Harsh Realities, Restrictions, Rules, Delay, Obstruction, Pessimism, Decay, and Suffering. Let’s not forget that Saturn is the Reality Check planet, in other words, ‘Karma That You Can’t Get Out Of.’ The Lessons of Saturn Will Be Delivered like it or not.

After spending three years transiting through sidereal Capricorn, Saturn entered Aquarius on January 17, 2023. Saturn will be spending the next two years and two months in Aquarius, until March 2025. Since Saturn has such an important part to play in our lives, it’s a big deal (astrologically speaking) when it changes signs.

Like Capricorn, Aquarius is one of Saturn’s signs. But Aquarius is a lot different from Capricorn; different qualities of Saturn will be experienced in this sign. Whereas Capricorn is one of the Earth Signs, Aquarius is an Air sign. Earth signs are focused on the Material World. Saturn transiting in Capricorn was all about Everyday Practical Reality and working for Tangible Results. Air signs are focused on The Intellect. Air signs consider Ideas & Reasons to be Important. Aquarius is more Progressive than Conservative Capricorn. Saturn in Aquarius is going to emphasize more of the Mental Constructions that we live by. But since Aquarius is one of the Fixed Signs, it espouses Fixed Ideas and Opinions. Aquarius Loves to Acquire and Hold Knowledge, and since Saturn is the planet of Longevity, those Ideas have ‘sticking power.’

Remember that this Saturn-in-Aquarius energy is available to Everyone. In other words, the acquisition of Knowledge will mostly be used to support an already Existing Idea. So no matter what Mental Construct you have going, with Saturn in play, you are not likely to change how you think about things. Thus the polarization of points of view that we have already been noticing, will get even stronger.

For World Events, Saturn is both the planet of Established Order and the planet of Democracy. How is that possible? It’s because Saturn is the planet of Work, and Democracy, theoretically at least, is ‘Government by the Workers.’ As the sign of Groups and Group Goals, Aquarius wants a Better Community. Therefore, Saturn in Aquarius should be good for promoting Democratic Institutions. Saturn takes about 28 years to make a complete circuit of the zodiac. The last time Saturn transited through Aquarius was from March 1993 to February 1996. During that time, the European Union was born, in November 1993.

In personal astrology, Saturn is still Saturn, the planet of Obligations, Limitations, and Delay. Saturn is the Harsh Realities planet, i.e., ‘Karma that you can’t get out of,’ so wherever it goes in your astrology chart it will create Burdensome Issues and Compel you to Deal with Things. Here’s a brief rundown of some of what you can expect, according to your Rising Sign:

If you are Aries rising, then Aquarius is your 11th house. The planet of Older, Mature people, in your house of Gains and Friendships suggests gains coming from a Saturn-type person in your life, like an Elder. But due to Saturn’s nature, you’ll have to work hard for those Profits & Gains, and the payout may be delayed.

For Taurus rising people, Saturn will be transiting in your 10th house. The planet of Work and Responsibility in your house of Profession and Career brings more responsibilities in your professional world during the next three years. Since the 10th house also represents your relationship with authority figures in your life, the pressure could come from your Boss.

If you have Gemini as your Rising Sign, Saturn will be transiting through your 9th house for the next couple of years. It’s the planet of Limitation in your house of Good Fortune, which can restrict your luck. As the planet of Responsibility in your house of Meritorious Deeds, this transit can help you to take doing good deeds more seriously, which will eventually bring you some Good Karma.

For Cancer rising people, Saturn in Aquarius puts the Reality Check planet in your 8th house. In this position Saturn restricts your access to Finances and Resources that come to you from others, especially from your partner, who may be going through a tough time financially. The 8th is the house of Chronic Problems; Saturn is the planet of Longevity. A problem that begins during this transit will continue for a long time.

Leo rising charts have Saturn transiting in their 7th house for the next two years and two months. It’s the Reality-check planet in your house of one on-one relationships: Spouse, Business Partner, and / or Clients, and the Direct Opponent, if you have one. This transit makes relationship more Serious, and potentially Stable, but since Saturn opposes the Ascendant from this position, the relationship becomes more Burdensome.

Virgo rising charts have Aquarius as the 6th house sign, putting Saturn in the house of Struggle, Difficulty, Disease, and Enemies. In this placement Saturn gives you the Endurance to outlast your enemy, or your disease. Unfortunately, it also gives you the problem in the first place. Be especially careful not to acquire an enemy, or get sick, during this time: the planet of Longevity will ensure that the problem will be hard to get rid of.

If you are Libra rising, Saturn will be hanging out in your 5th house for the next couple of years. For Love and Romance, this is a rather sobering influence. If there is Love, it will be Serious rather than casual. The planet of Responsibilities in the house of Children makes caring for your children more burdensome, and they may be going through their own struggles as well.

For Scorpio rising people: you have Aquarius as your 4th house sign, which means that Saturn is affecting your house of Home, Domestic Activities, Comfort, Security, and Mother, for the next three years. This transit can make Home Life more Demanding: there are more Duties to fulfill, and less time for yourself. You may be thrust into the position of having to Take Care of Someone.

Sagittarius rising people get Saturn transiting in the 3rd house. The planet of Time and Delay is affecting your house of Personal Desires and Making Efforts. So don’t be in a hurry to see the results of your initiative. Saturn can bring some suffering to the 3rd house people: your sibling, a close relative, or a neighbor. Everyday Actions seem boring or more onerous, or just take longer to accomplish.

For Capricorn Rising charts the Saturn-in-Aquarius transit affects your 2nd house. The planet of Restriction is not welcome in the house of Personal Finance. Oftentimes the result is needing to spend money due to responsibilities; likely Family responsibilities. It’s also the planet of Labor in the house of Earning, i.e., ‘Workin’ Hard for the Money.’

If you are Aquarius rising, Saturn transits in your Ascendant for the next two years and two months. The ruler of your chart, home in its own sign, will magnify all of your Aquarius Rising qualities. For the sign that likes Community Activities, Saturn will impel you to take on More Responsibility in the Groups that you work with, and to Work Hard to Fulfill your Obligations, and to get things Accomplished.

For Pisces rising charts, Saturn’s transit in Aquarius affects your 12th house. Having the planet of Restriction, Delay, Obligation, transiting through your 12th house of the Subconscious can feel oppressive, sometimes for no apparent reason. Saturn’s transit through the 12th house of Endings is a sort of “Clear the Decks” kind of energy. It’s about Completion, Finishing Things, so that when Saturn hits your Ascendant in three years, you will be ready to start building new Structure in your life.