Finding Happiness with Astrology

No matter what we do in our lives, we are always yearning for a sense of well being. Finding that which nourishes one and provides satisfaction is one of the driving forces of human incarnation. Other forces in one’s life may bring helpful or adverse circumstances, but always behind it all is this search for Contentment, for Inner Happiness, for Self-satisfaction. An analysis of the Vedic Astrology birth chart can give us some clues about how to best proceed in our quest for Happiness.

Since material and spiritual well-being are the foundation of one’s life it makes sense to start looking at the part of the chart that represents “foundations” i.e, the 4th house sector of the chart. The traditional meanings attributed to the fourth house include the karma for Home, Comfort and Security. The fourth house is also Mother, and therefore the karma of “Being Nourished.” Thus the 4th house of the birth chart has a lot to do with the theme of  Happiness and Contentment. An analysis of this part of the chart gives clues as to how one can find this all-important if somewhat elusive element in one’s life.

The planet that owns the zodiacal sign in any house of your astrology chart becomes the “ruler” of that house and represents the overall karma of that part of your life. Thus we start out in our analysis by observing which sign is in the fourth house and then go looking for the placement of the planet that owns that sign (to find out which planet rules which sign go to my website and click on “guide”). That planet’s placement in the chart effectively transfers the Search for Happiness to the house (department of life) it is posited in. Here are some examples of interpretation for the ruler of the 4th house located in the twelve houses of the birth chart:

In the 1st house of Self: Happiness found through expression of one’s Ego.
In the 2nd house of Money: Happiness found through Earnings and Material Assets.
In the 3rd house of Skills:  Happiness found through Acquisition and Use of Skills.
In the 4th house of Home: Happiness found through Domestic Activities.
In the 5th house of Creativity: Happiness found through Art, Children, and Teaching.
In the 6th house of  Service: Happiness found through the Job and performing Service.
In the 7th house of Partnership: Happiness found through Marriage.
In the 8th house of Secret Knowledge: Happiness found in Metaphysics, Research.
In the 9th house of Beliefs and Travel: Happiness found through Religion and Traveling.
In the 10th house of Career and Status: Happiness found through Professional Activities.
In the 11th house of Friends and Associates: Happiness found through Social Interaction.
In the 12th house of the Unknown: Happiness found in Meditation or Foreign Lands.

Anybody familiar with Vedic Astrology knows that the houses have many more layers of meaning than those described above; this is just to give an illustration of the basic idea.

More details of the analysis are provided if there is a planet occupying the 4th house of the chart or associated with the 4th house planetary ruler. The qualities intrinsic to that planet, as well as the house(s) that it rules by way of the signs that it owns, will provide more clues to Finding Peace of Mind. For instance, Mercury, the planet of the Intellect, when occupying the 4th house indicates Happiness through exercise of the intellect: study, discourse, writing, etc. Venus, planet of Love and Luxury, finds Happiness through romance, sociable interactions, and sensual indulgence. Mars, planet of Action and Victory, wants something physical connected with the 4th house. This could mean gardening or home improvement projects, or even happiness found through winning arguments (not exactly fun for other people).

The ease or difficulty with which one finds and acquires Peace of Mind is indicated by the influence of benefic or adverse planets on the chart factors that relate to the 4th house. When a natural benefic planet, either Jupiter or Venus, is either in, influencing through aspect (such as by being opposite in the 10th house), or associated with the 4th house planetary ruler, then happiness in one’s life is easier to achieve. On the other hand if the 4th house is occupied by, or its ruler associated with, one of the natural malefic planets such as Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, then achieving happiness and contentment in one’s life becomes more of an uphill battle.

An analysis of the 4th house of the Vedic Astrology chart directs you to the part of life where you can discover your personal key to Satisfaction and Well-being. Through an understanding of this essential part of yourself you are led to the cultivation of what your soul hungers for and thus your karma for Happiness can be realized.