Predictions for Saturn in Sagittarius: Oct 2017 – Jan 2020

Where Saturn is transiting in the zodiac is a critical factor for making predictions both for personal charts as well as for world events. Saturn is the planet of Structure, the planet of Forms, the planet of Reality; if we want to make progress in our life, we have to take into account the influence of this important component of Astrology Chart Analysis.

It takes Saturn between two and three years to transit through a sign; about 28 years to make a complete circuit of the zodiac. At the beginning of 2017, Saturn changed signs, moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. But Saturn only made a few degrees progress into Sagittarius when it went retrograde in April, and then “backed out,” back into Scorpio. On October 26, Saturn returned to Sagittarius, resuming its journey through that sign until January 23, 2020.

Saturn is the Reality Check planet. It is the planet of Restriction, Responsibility, Harsh Truth, Time and Delay. Saturn has a major part to play in our lives. It limits us, holds us back, forces us to work for what we want. And yet, whatever gets accomplished under Saturn’s influence will last: as the planet of Time, it is the planet of Longevity. Saturn is a teaching planet; it teaches by taking away and by forcing us to deal with concrete reality. Saturn is the planet of Experience, of Maturity.

Sagittarius is generally a Positive sign, Upbeat, Forward-looking, Enthusiastic. Sagittarius is the sign of Beliefs, Philosophies, and Ideologies. Because it is a Fire Sign, and Fire signs are Egocentric, these beliefs are always from a personal point of view; Sagittarius believes it is always right. Sagittarius fights anyone who disagrees with its own truth. Sagittarius is Self-justifying, and therefore has a hard time admitting to any mistakes; it is the sign of Self-righteousness.

So what happens when we add Saturn’s energy to Sagittarius?

Saturn is the planet of Limitation. Thus: Limited Beliefs.

Saturn is the planet of Structure. So: Structured Beliefs.

Saturn has a fixed nature; it doesn’t change readily. Therefore persistent attachment to one’s belief structure, already a problem with Sagittarius, becomes even more rigid with Saturn in this sign. Since this energy is available to everyone, what we can expect is people adhering to and promoting their own personal Truth. This leads to people “dwelling in their bubble,” i.e., even more partisanship, which gives rise to more argument, more fights over ideology.

On the plus side, the Sagittarian Optimism combined with Saturnian Persistence can lead to great Accomplishment. Sagittarius believes in itself; this self-centered self-certainty can be exploited by combining it with Saturn’s focus, discipline and endurance to carry you through to the goal.

Wherever Saturn transits in our personal chart we have to learn the lessons of Saturn. Cooperating with Saturn’s energy will actually pay off in the long run because whatever gets done under Saturn’s influence will endure. Living in harmony with Saturn means taking the long view, cultivating Patience, and using Organization and Discipline to work slowly towards your goal. Saturn’s signification of Stability and Security gets achieved by bowing to the existential reality of your circumstances.

In traditional Vedic Astrology, Saturn is called “The Great Malefic.” This is because Saturn has a non-negotiable quality: if you try to fight against Saturn’s influence, you will end up with the downside of this planet: Suffering. Therefore it is best to be mindful of what part of your natal chart Saturn is transiting in, and adjust your attitude and expectation accordingly.

For each of the 12 rising sign charts, Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius will appear in a particular House, where it influences the affairs of that part of your life until it leaves in January 2020. Here’s a synopsis of some of what you can expect (these positions can also be read from your natal Moon, and from you current Major Period ruler):

Aries Rising
Saturn transits in your 9th house: Travel due to Responsibility, Hard Work in Advanced Studies, Difficulties for Father, Rigid adherence to Beliefs

Taurus Rising
Saturn transits in your 8th house: Restriction on Partner’s Wealth and Financial Arrangements, Long Term Problems, Focus on Regeneration of Health

Gemini Rising
Saturn transits in your 7th house: Difficulties in Marital Relationship, possible Relationship with Older Experienced Person, Delayed Progress, Fewer Clients

Cancer Rising
Saturn transits in your 6th house: Health Issues & Stubborn Problems get cured with Time, more Responsibility in Job, Self-improvement through Disciplined Regimens

Leo Rising
Saturn transits in your 5th house: Limits on Romance or Serious Romance, Responsibilities and Difficulties with Child, Long Term Creative Project

Virgo Rising
Saturn transits in your 4th house: Burdens due to Domestic Life, Repairs to Home or Car, Difficulties for Mother, Building up Assets slowly for Secure Future

Libra Rising
Saturn transits in your 3rd house: Burdens & Responsibilities in Everyday Operations, Difficulty for Sibling or Neighbor, Restriction on Desires, Structured Efforts

Scorpio Rising
Saturn transits in your 2nd house: Limitation on Personal Finances, Working Hard for the Money, Obligation to Family, Restricted Speech, Necessary Material Acquisitions.

Sagittarius Rising
Saturn transits in your Ascendant: Frustration due to Circumstances, Burdensome Obligations, Success comes only through long-range Planning and Effort

Capricorn Rising
Saturn transits in your 12th house: Separation or Ending of a Relationship, Finishing up projects, “Clearing the Decks,” Anxiety & Regret, Spending time in Seclusion

Aquarius Rising
Saturn transits in your 11th house: Reality Check on Ambitions, Achieving Goals only Slowly, potential Benefit from Older Friend, Profits & Gains Delayed

Pisces Rising
Saturn transits in your 10th house: Hard Work and More Responsibility in Profession, Slower Progress in Career or Business, Obligation to Boss or to the Government.

Remember that Saturn, like all planets, sends its energy across the zodiac to the sign opposite, which in this case is Gemini. Therefore the house in your chart where Gemini resides will feel Saturn effects as well. Additionally, according to Vedic Astrology, Saturn has special aspects: it projects its energy to the third and tenth signs from itself, i.e., Aquarius and Virgo. The houses in your natal chart containing these signs will receive the influence of Saturn during its transit in Sagittarius. If you have natal planets in any of these placements, you can predict that the significations of those planets will also be impacted by Saturn’s transit over the next two years. Saturn always has to be somewhere in the zodiac, and in your natal chart. It is best to pay attention to where the Reality Check planet is transiting, so that you can make allowance for its effects.

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